Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More bad news


This first picture is usually the face I see in the am when I'm checking my mail. The extreme closeup is because Chester puts his 75lb body in my lap because he thinks it's like a 7lb body.

My good good boy has Chronic Lymphoblastic Lymphoma at 7 years old. Having gone through this just 3 years ago with my super sweet Cooper doesn't make this any easy but I do know the road ahead. Chester should feel relatively well for several weeks. We will continue our much anticipated walks in the morning. Thats something that he really looks forward to. I think we'll have some extra trips to McD's for ice cream cones too. I'll also let him do his half hearted squirrell chase more than normal. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
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Tracy said...

I am so sorry. My best friend just lost her dog to cancer. Although not a boxer, I have a golden retriever and they are VERY prone to cancer. I am just waiting for that report to come flying our way. Abby is almost 9. I am so sorry. Take advantage of his current state. lots of lovins!