Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Are you a robot?"

It's time for a PEYTONISM!

Tonights homework for Peyton had to do with clocks, watches and tally marks. She had to count the number of each in our home and make tally marks for each. As she was counting the number of watches, she realized that I never wear a watch. So she of course, wanted to know why. I explained that for some reason whenever I wear a watch it unexplainably dies within a month or two. So then I had to explain that by "die" I meant that it just wouldn't work. She wanted to know why that happened. I explained that I really didn't know and that maybe I had too much electricity or something in my body. With HUGE eyes she said, "ARE YOU A ROBOT?"

Ummm not that I know of! Anyway, it's been like that for years, I was fine in high school but the older I've gotten the quicker the watches die. I like to think it's my electrifying personality...but probably not. :-) Another sort of weird thing is....when I go for physical therapy, they use this electrical impulse thing on my neck and leg. Apparently, for my leg she has to turn it up to about MAXIMUM for it to work! I guess I'm just a freak!

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