Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guess where we went?

I'm back, barely coherent but back. The dogs were SO happy to see us! We missed them. We had the BEST time, really so sad to see it end. I was just a mess leaving the Magic Kingdom for the last time....Yeah, so I'm like a TOTAL major dork. I'm SO not a cryer either but something about Disney just gets to me! It's all my Dad's fault I think! I have a zillion photos I could share, I'm too tired to edit any of them to put them here but I will in the next day or least share a few. If you like Cole's haircut, I know an AWESOME stylist (my sister) who does this for us everytime! If you want to go to DISNEY, I know an awesome travel agent too!

Too many highlights, I can't even skim over them...but I will say we were chosen as the "first royal family" and opened fantasyland one morning. That was so cool for the kids and ME! LOL We rode Dumbo first all by ourselves and then Peter Pan then opened it to everyone! AWESOME!

One other kooky thing was while in the Orlando Airport tonight, guess who I saw? Johnny Depp? No...Martin Sheen? neurosurgeon? YES! Weird, huh? I walked up to him and said, "Gosh, you really are checking up on me, huh?" :-) Last week he told me to
go to Disney, have fun and be careful and then he shows up at the airport...on the SAME flight home! LOL He was there on business though...I think he's an awesome Doctor but doubt he'd follow me to the sunshine state!

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