Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Seeking extremely handsome, bronzed and buff male. Willing to spend L O N G, lazy days with our toes in the sand soaking up the rays. Must enjoy the smell of the salty sea breeze. Candidate must also EXUDE an exuberance for life, do fun, wild and crazy things and not really care what anyone else thinks about their happy-go-lucky behavior. Digging holes in the sand is a plus; as is a REALLY cute set of buns! I want a long term commitment too, this won't be a short little fling!

This is my friend Tina's rescue boxer puppy Blu. In his first beach photo session. He has a couple other brother's and sisters too if you want to check them out at www.boxerrescue.com . BUT remember a puppy is a TON of work...as a matter of fact I recently told the director to put in BOLD red ink across my file to remind me in the future that I don't want a rescue under 8 months old. I love Mr. Levi McCoy to pieces but that boy is trouble with a capital T! Full of mischief is that brown boy! So if you want check out the older sweeties too, YOU WON'T be sorry!

I'll have another post later tonight, so stay tuned!

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