Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't you want to move into this tent?

Blu's Mom's (the dude is so cute, I can't help but keep taking pictures of him, and if you get tired of seeing him, please don't tell me; but it won't matter anyway) mother-in-law and sisters own this absolutely spectacularly fabulous little store at the Beach that only had sales a couple times a year. This labor day weekend was the last sale, ever. I'm glad I was there, I just wish I had like an extra couple thousand dollars I could have spent! I mean really, I could have dropped it . Like. That. The store is in a little house but the delightfully white goodness spilled over into this huge white tent and all over the lawn too! I have more pics of it I could post but I don't want you sending me hate mail because you weren't there and I was and maybe you DID have a couple extra thousand dollars hanging outa your khaki shorts or
something like that.

Okay, down to business. Mine that is. Because my surgery may only be the first of 2 or 3 and my neck is totally KILLING me since the chiropractor, which you may recall was before the surgery. In fact, my back pretty much felt like I could deal with it (although physically it was an EXTREME necessity to get it know like numb leg and all that) at surgery time. So what I'm trying to say is, all of the fall bookings that I'm doing after the 21st of September are tentative until I know what I have to have done. AND, we are leaving for Disney for a week before then. So...if you POSITIVELY must have me take fall/end of summer/holiday photos of your delightful family,
email me now and I'll try to fit you in. I have one cancellation this weekend and several openings next weekend. After that...sorry to say, and it's killing me to say this, no guarantees I can shoot the ones you love! :-)

OH yeah, my Matilda Jane Party is THURSDAY....come, come! I have a Tangerine Mimosa with your name on it and a slice of apple pie too!
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Tracy said...

I was actually planning on coming to the party. Madison started school this week(private so it was a little later) and I have been so busy (gradual entry), I completely forgot. I would love an invitation to the next one..