Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hey, Hey get 'em while they're HOT!

I'm going into used car salesman mode here. Sorry and not that there is anything wrong with being a used car saleman. I'm just saying.

I have had 2 cancellations for this weekend which is actually good news for YOU. You see, I went to the neurosurgeon on Tue. and lucky me found out that I get to have a cervical fusion (which is weird that cervical actually means neck...who'd guess THAT!) So it involves fun stuff like cadaver material and titanium rods and cool futuristic things like that. So basically I'll be like the million dollar woman, but just cheaper and with a camera.

Speaking of my camera, I will be limited on shooting this fall. :-( So fall and spring are my busy times. I won't have the details on the surgery date until the next day or so. Gawd, nothing like airing your dirty laundry here for everyone to smell! :-) So if you want a shoot for fall/holiday, and you simply must have a WHIMAGES shoot, cause you are cool like that and all. Call me or email me. Like in the next day or so. We are leaving for Disney some time soon. So that shortens everything by a week. You MAY need to do a shoot after school or something I'm going to try to be flexible with my times until the surgery 'cause it sounds like those titanium rods AREN'T that flexible for a several weeks.

While we are away, we'll have a delightful house sitter here taking care of sweet Macy and McCoy/Levi what's his name. So all you relatives don't go freaking out that I'm telling the blog universe that I won't be home, like an open invitation to visit my house or anything. And beside that I've got the attack parrot that will BITE your head off if you come uninvited! And a HOT security system too!

Last but not least. When I come back, I'm having coffee and donuts at 10:00 on Monday the 22 to order from the Matilda Jane West Side collection BEFORE it's available to the public. So if you want super cool clothes (they will be available for your viewing pleasure sometime this week at then go to WEST SIDE, it's not there yet, but soon. So email me if you are coming, kay?

Look at sweet Peyton there in her Matilda Jane finery....classic and that's still my favorite new site!

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sprucehill said...

I had a cervical fusion 5 years ago. Let me know if you have any questions! Where are you having your surgery?