Thursday, April 9, 2009

7 year photo shoot and clever Cole

Clever Cole was so proud to show me that he figured out how to get his calculator to spell BOOBIES. Ummm. Great. If you are curious it's 5318008 upside down. 7th grade humor is just so funny if you are in 7th grade! During Peyton's 7 year photo shoot, Cole was able to be coaxed into a couple poses so I'm sure he must want something from me. Callie looked super cute but you'll never see that because she wouldn't get out of the jeep for ANY photos! I love these hormones! NOT!

I finally had a nice day that coincided with a day that I felt I could tackle a little photo shoot for Peyton's 7th birthday photos. I had to beg for smiles because, "models don't really smile much, Mom!". I think the tongue shot is probably my favorite though!

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