Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday was my girls recital for dance. It's the day that they work up to for MONTHS. This year, because Matt and my Ruth, my m.i.l. have been taking the girls to dance wayyyy more than I have, it was extra fun to see the show. Callie was in 3 dances, tap (which is the costume she has on the the closeup, she danced to a medley of 80's songs), ballet and lyrical which is what she's doing in the stage photo. Peyton danced in Tap to Green Acres and Keith Urban's "somebody like you". The who show had a "channel surfing" theme so it was super cute! They both did so awesome and we were so very proud. Callie had to be exhausted last night because she danced in both shows yesterday.

I think Peyton likes nothing better than being on stage...well you probably already guessed that by her personality! Callie ROCKED and was so much more relaxed than she has been before! Way to go GIRLS!

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