Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOVE this!

Here's just one shot from my friend's wedding the other week...I LOVE it. Weddings always make me happy!

Quick little Levi update: Remember yesterday I mentioned that we are constantly asking, "What's (insert Dog name here) eating!?". This morning I heard Cole ask Callie the infamous question and she oh so nonchalantly said, "squirrel". Before you freak, it's not real. We have two not so stuffed animals for them, one is a squirrel and the other is a weasel or something. We refer to them as "road-kill" because that's what they totally look like. We bought them at Petsmart and they come without any stuffing which is a GREAT thing if you have a dog that likes to take the stuffing out.

Today I am attending a "spine class", at my neurosurgeon's office. It's a pre-requisite to my anterior laminectomy lumbar fusion with instrumentation. Man I sound smart and medical when I say that, don't I? It's 2 weeks from today. I have to stop my MEGA DOSE of anti-inflammatory in a couple days. So my family is expecting me to be a MEGA WITCH, well even more than normal lately. I'm sure I won't dissapoint. :-)

Ohhhhh, in other exciting WHIMAGES blog news...I'm going to have guest bloggers while I'm out. That way you won't have to listen to me drone on and on about my back issues, my kids, my dogs, my photos and whatever else you come here to listen to me drone about. Should be fun, huh?

I like orange. ;-)
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