Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More wedding photos...

I uploaded some photos to under special stuff. The blog only lets me do 4 at a time PLUS I neeeeeed some surprises for the Smith's! :-)
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Every Dog Has His Day

"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's" ~ Mark Twain , letter to WD Howells 1899

A few days after Chester was diagnosed with Lymphoma, Matt called to tell me that a nice woman that he works with said a local Toyota Dealership was having a dog photo contest for a calendar, knowing that we have tons of photos of our dogs. I decided I'd drop off the photo because you never know. At the dealership they weren't very sure about it but one nice woman said she'd submit it. I didn't have a lot of confidence that this photo just wasn't going to end up in the old circular file.

I then got a call that he was a semi-finalist. Okay, they didn't throw it away!

Yesterday, I received an email from a promotional company contracted by Toyota that Chester will be one of 12 dogs in the NATIONAL CALENDAR. He won, HE WON! Apparently this calendar will be given out at Toyota dealerships nationwide in '09. I'm sincerely hoping that they put a little blurb that Chester was a rescue from I'd LOVE THAT!

I can't think of a better tribute to a gentleman of a dog. Way to go CHESTER!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

I shot on GLORIOUS day for a wedding with a lot of help from my sister.  The bride was truly stunning and everything was perfection: her hair, her makeup, her GOWN, her blue skies! The brides nick name is "Yellow Bird", and she's just a little slip of a thing so it's fitting. She loves yellow so I couldn't help myself...I had to use this black-eyed susan vine for one of the ring shots. The Maryland State flower is the black-eyed susan but this is a vining version. OHHHHH Oscar de la still my heart. The gown was gorgeous! Sweet Bailey checking to see if the bride's bouquet smells nice! :-)
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Wedding part duex

I think she looks like a swan lake princess here!
Releasing of the lovely! LOOK at that sky...couldn't have been more perfect!
Come hither! We did this at the engagement shoot too...I think it's under special stuff on the site.
I'm sorry but I think this is a darn sexy ring shot! :-)
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet the D family!

This was a fun session in my NEW favorite place. It has everything I love! Not only was the family nice and easy going but attractive too! You could see the love in their eyes...yeah so I'm corny like that, you know that by now. I have SO many good ones of them! THANKS guys for making my job awesome!

I shot a wedding today with a delightful and MOST helpful assistant I could ever ask for. Not only is she a total KICK-BUTT awesome hair stylist (especially for special events) but DANG she was like the best photog assistant EVER! BRANDY thank you so much! (if you didn't know, she's my favorite sister and I could not get through the day with out her. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. So come back tomorrow for the FUN, FUNKY and WHIMSICAL wedding images. YOU KNOW they'd be whimsical right? Some of them I won't even ever be able to share but GAWD were they fun to shoot! This couple was up for ANYTHING and their friends were CRAZY-FUN! We even got in trouble with the grounds keeper. I so do not look for trouble but in this job, for some reason it finds me! What do they say, "well behaved women rarely make history!"
So come back tomorrow for som kick butt wedding photos if I do say so myself! LOL :-)

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Matilda Jane Update!!!!

First of all let me tell you the actual PARTY DATE IS SEPTEMBER 4TH from 10-12!!!! I sorta made it sound like it wasn't. Yeah so I'm blonde (bottle) and Polish like that. The girls (grace and Peyton) have MJ clothes on in these pics...aren't they CUTE!

I found the BEST new place for photos. I'm so excited about it. When my husband and I drove up I actually got goosebumps. THANK YOU STEPHANIE for telling me about it! I love it and you!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a party and I'll have CAKE if I want to...

MY MATILDA JANE PARTY!!!! You are all invited next Thur, my house 10-12 and there will be CAKE and DESSERTS and BRUNCH and THE MOST FABULOUS clothes for fall that your little girl (and some little guy stuff) and YOU could ever NEED. (sending subliminal messages here...YOU MUST COME TO GET CLOTHES THAT ARE FABULOUS). Okay CHICKAS if you GO to RIGHT NOW and click on 2008 collection you can see the fall stuff! It may not stay there so GO NOW. IT's a sneek and it won't be back till SATURDAY so go look now and see all the COOL FUN FUNKY AND FABULOUS stuff you'll want to buy. AND ask my other friends....I like to bake so you'll be FED well and I'll have tangerine mimosas and spicy bloody mary's and other yummies!

And for all you girlies that live out of state, you can join is in spirit AND still order from my party! Email me and I'll give you my trunkkeepers number!
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's BLU!

Blu came over for a playdate last night. This little guy is completely coming into his own personality!

LOOK at that boxer paw action against Macy and she's all "oh no you di'nt"!
Blu with the SMACKDOWN ACTION on wwf action or wbf (world-wide boxer federation)
"I just might be able to fit your ENTIRE head into my mouth...this won't hurt a bit!"

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What's that they say...snips and snails and...

This is the second time I've been able to shoot these adorable and precocious brothers... hey is that how you spell that, I don't know. Anyway.
I'm still not driving (yeah, it so sucks), so my Mother in law took me, she's probably sick of me by now!

These boys are always so fun! They crack me up with the crazy things they want to do and what they say is always hysterical. The little one here had a really bad nose bleed so we waited awhile for it to stop. At one point he said "let's just do it anyway, I like blood on my face!". Me, not so much! Altough I guess we could have used them as Halloween invitations or something!

Don't let these sweet innocent eyes full you...there's mischief there. I'm SURE of it. I can't tell you how many "bunny ears" I've cloned out! LOL

OHHHH, and stop by later, there'll be pics of adorable and lovable and smooshable puppy Blu later.  He came over for a play date and gave McCoy/Levi and Macy a complete surprise with his devilish sounding growl!   AND I'm going to have more info on Matilda Jane...the PARTY~!
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Matilda jane all over again!


**** I'm crazy and originally had the wrong date!
I'm having another Matilda Jane Party. If you are not familiar with MJ, it's one of the hottest and I mean HOTTEST "boutique" clothing lines around. There is tons of buzz about Matilda Jane and it has the cooolest story behind it to. It's designed by a mom with no background in design and she has two little boys and writes the most delightful blog. The clothes go from 12 months to 10 years old (girls only) and then REALLY cool funky fun and COMFY but sexy mommy stuff too! PLUS the adult ex is perfect for tweens too! That's what Callie wears. I had a party in the spring but unfortunately it was at the end of the "season" for MJ so a lot was sold out. This time it's not even two weeks into the fall "season" for the new stuff! My party is Thur, Sept. 4 from 10-12. If you want an invite just pop me an email and ask and I'd LOVE to have you. I'm about an hour from Lancaster, 45 minutes from Baltimore and an hour from Philly. I make mean desserts too! Plus, my show will be virtual as well, so if you want to order something, I'll give you my trunk keepers number but you have to call her THE day of the party to qualify.

These clothes are SO dern cute and believe me, they occassionally stop traffic! Who doesn't want their little girl to look super sweet, unique and original but still have a traditional flair? Heck, most mommies want that too!

Everything is still hush hush about the new line but it will debut on the 23rd. However, if you do some sneaking around the websites you'll see glimpses of some of the fall stuff. and

This first pic is my neice Gracie in a sweet little halter. The next is Callie in an awesome hoodie that both of my girls got and their friends and some of my friends too! On the back in tone on tone it says "always unpredictable".

The last pics are of Peyton in a fashion shoot at the beach. Her halter is cool because she can also wear it as a skirt the back is elastic and you just tie the straps into a's so cute like that too! Her Halter is an art fair piece so it's more one of a kind. If you check ebay for Matilda Jane, it sells for way higher than you'll buy it at the trunk show for. Especially for the dress that are of limited quantities. Pretty cool return on an item you daughter wore and outgrew, huh? LOL

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is anyone else ready for school to start?

I love my kids. I love having them home with me, I love doing stuff with them, I JUST LOVE THEM. BUT...I don't know if it's that I'm stuck in the house and I feel mommy guilt that I can't do all the fun stuff that we normally try to pack into the last weeks of summer or if it's just me, or just them or whatever. BUT...a tiny, itty bitty part of me wants school to start. The routine, the normalcy the 8 hours of non-bickering. :-) I usually cry walking home from the bus stop the first day and feel in a funk that whole day. I know this year won't be much different but I'm sorta kinda ready for it! LOL This is an unrealted photo I know. I thought I'd post Callie because believe it or not she's the one giving me the most grief lately!
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember these little cuties?

I was supposed to shoot this Momma's newborn pics but poor little baby Ella had to stay in the hospital a couple extra days because of jaundice then my surgery got in the way. So The girls Mom, my friend Ashley brought the baby to me today! It wasn't ideal, I had originally all kinds of visions for a cool newborn shoot because Ashley's up for anything! Part of that is probably because she's crazy since she has 3 babies in 2 years! Yup! Emma here won't be three till Nov. and Layla is 16 months! She's a brave lady! LOL So I didn't get to try the cool things I wanted to because I'm still healing but at least we got a couple cute ones!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet Pudgy McSmoshface, ummm I mean little boy Blu

Yes, I know I'm posting a lot lately. Can you tell I'm homebound? LOL I'm going out tomorrow...I can't take it anymore. MUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Check out Blu here. Is he NOT the cutest little puppy face you've seen? Don't mind the snapshots...I know these aren't my best work...yadayadayada. Here's Blu's story. PLEASE check it out, it's heartwarming and awesome and just makes you go awwwww. and then go to available dogs. Blu here was Max and he was SO close to death from the horrible and hateful parvo virus. The rescue group I volunteer with does AWESOME good deeds and this is just one drop in the bucket of the amount of incredible things that they have done. The cost of saving these puppies is just ENORMOUS.

Luckily my friend Tina was able to adopt one so now not only do I have my own puppy goodness with Levi McCoy I get to enjoy Blu's earth-shattering cuteness on a regular basis. I have to get a puppy shoot in on this guy as soon as I can. My camera is NOT that heavy!

RUNNING WITH THE BIG DOGS! Macy looks on because she thinks that she might just be too lady-like to indulge in all the goofy puppy play but eventually the fun was overwhelming and she couldn't help herself. Look how skinny McCoy is....I gotta get some meat on that boys bones! McCoy/Levi and Blu are only 3 months difference in age...amazing!
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