Friday, February 29, 2008

A whole lotta nuthin'

Aren't these the cutest little rainboots evah? They almost (ALMOST) make me want it to rain! Although right about now I'd love LOVE love for a nice 65 degree day!

I've become aware that occasionally people widdle away their lunch hours (or half hours or something) with me (or my blog, actually) I don't really find my own blog all that interesting although it's something I LOVE to do write here for me and YOU but I LOVE to widdle away my time on here when Peyton's still sleeping or late at night when everyone else is zzzzz. I'm not going to mention the lunch time viewers (Missy~ opps, did I type that out-loud?) but I figured I should give them something more interesting than my rainboots pics or my numerous pics of my dogs snurglin'! So here you go....some of my favorite sites to waste time on that I don't have...ENJOY! -kills me with it's cuteness -Fab photos of ultra cute doggies Charlie the coyote...I've shared him his story! ultra fab doggie photog's blog, her site is awesome too! She gives me a laugh everytime, great writing! She is cooking for cowboys people! so you know it's gotta be GOOD and rib-stickin too!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cozy doggies and crazy blankets

So if you get sick of my dog snapshots just tell me. These two are all snorgled up in doggie lover-land! CUTE! Okay, so check out this blanket. My mother in law, who happens to be one of the MOST multi-talented people I know (I'm NOT just saying that on the off chance she MIGHT read this blog). SEVERAL months back she was afflicted with a horrible long lasting case of the shingles. One of the ways she delt with the pain was with Oxycodone. This blanket was apparently one of the side effects. I'm not sure what the color scheme would be called..."sweet-tart", "Cyndi Lauper" or possibly "Easter bunny on Acid". Unfortunately my girls just think it's the most lovely thing EVER! I honestly thought it was something she made during the eighties and just came across it. But nope...They might consider putting this on the warning lable of the Oxycodone.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay folks, it's time for another famous Peytonism! Both of the girls take dance and one of Peyton's friends needed a ride home from Tap last week. I was absently listening to the chatter between the two as we wove in and out of traffic on our way home. I heard the other little girl ask how to spell Peyton. Little Ms. P chirps up: P E Y T O N. The other little girl hesitates then says, "your name is long." Peyton seems surprised and says "no it's NOT! It's Peyton!"
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Friday, February 22, 2008

My family portrait

Here we are in all our little wooden glory~! Are we adorable or what? Well, these wooden likeness' are at least! They are from this FAB little shop on called Gemmielou. Let's talk about us here a second...Look at Matt, he even has his rockin' drumsticks in his hand! And Me, I even had the delightful blonde highlights that my multi talented sister never charges me for! Cole has his AMERICAN EAGLE shirt and just a few freckles! Callie is of course adorned in her REQUISITE GREEN SHIRT,
cami underneath, hoop earrings and her little necklace with the C on it and don't forget her fresh sprinklin' of freckles too. Lastly look at princess Peyton with her
"forever tan" (lucky little stinker) and the bling in her hair! MAN, I love us! THANKS Gemmie! Don't forget these too dern cute hair clips...birdies, you KNOW I LOVE the birdies! One is for each of my girls and the little blue one is for SCHWEEET neice Gracie SASSY-PANTS. So ladies, if you haven't discovered Etsy yet you either will throw roses at my feet for showing you such a wonderful joyous handmade shopping experience or I'll be getting hate mail from your husband with xerox copies of your maxed out credit cards from the post-man!
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mini books and my kinda heaven

In my family room is a bowl full of mini books. I've made MANY little mini albums over the years this is by far not all of them at all. Some are still at Scrap-Masters, some have been given as gifts etc. I LOVE these little treasures, they are fun to make and FUN to look at and it gives company something to do PLUS you don't have to bore them to tears when you drag out your 12 x 12 scrapbook! :-) The little ones are cute AND interactive! Anyway after a 2 month break from teaching, I'm going to be teaching a mini book in March (on Wed. the 19th). It's a book of snapshots because we ALL have favorite little snapshots! So if you are in the Harford county area....SIGN UP, it'll be fun and you don't even need to know how to scrap!

This was the scene just a few feet away from the coffee table where I was snapping the picture of the mini books.
Chester looks like the prince and the pea here! SOOO comfy! Like a little slice of doggie heaven!
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These 19 puppies are just KILLING me with CUTENESS!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Children See...

I saw this video last night on Tara Whitneys blog, . It has such a PROFOUND statement. I think all parents should see it often! I know that it certainly will make me think twice occasionally.
Just be sure to go to the bottom of this page and pause the music so that you can here the music on the video. Let me know what you think of this!

Peyton painted and pasted this gorgeous fishy at school. I'm in love with it's happy colors and watery joyful spirit! BUT I especially love the little bling bling may have to click it bigger to see it. So totally Peyton!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Cryptic picture posting!

Hey loyal blog readers! I'm posting these pics today because gosh nabbit we are a cute family!

Seriously, that's not the reason although those kids down there ARE cute if you ask me! Anyway, these are pics to show someone who is making something for my fun little family of 5 (well plus 2 dogs, 5 birds and the fish but none of those could care about this fun little surprise).

I think you'll get to see soon what these are for!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another birthday boy

This little sweetie is about to have his first birthday. You can totally see his happy go with the flow attitude in his the youngest of 3 brothers under 4 it's a good thing he's mellow!
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


not all those who wander are lost.(jrr tolkien)

A couple days ago I got a call from the director of NBR, Northeastern Boxer Rescue about this little female boxer that was in our local shelter. Apparently the
rescue group had a foster home all set up and the Humane Society had agreed to release her to the rescue group. Little Miss Cookie just needed a ride! How could I not give this sweet little girl a ride to a whole new life? Luckily my friend Tina volunteered to take the road trip with me. So I introduced myself to Cookie yesterday at the shelter then picked her up first thing this morning and we were OFF! She is incredibly sweet and totally deserves to be treated like the princess that she thinks she is! She spent about 95% of the 3 hour drive curled up on Tina's lap. This boxer still has all her love to give and her heart has remained un-touched by her recent events. If you are ever interested in ANY breed please google a rescue group for that breed. If you are looking for a boxer anywhere from Maryland to Maine, check out

Considering Cookie is underweight, just weaned puppies and spent time in the shelter, she hasn't lost her unflappable happy boxer spirit!

Okay so I don't mean to be preachy but there is this rescue quote that I love. I'll share it with you:

Save one until there are none.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


I like to bake. I REALLY like to bake. But this carrot cake doesn't get made very often. It's my coolfunhandsomefantastichandycake-lovin' brother Darrin's FAVORITE! Just know that if I EVER bake you this cake, I must really love you! It's in one of the Southern Living cookbooks. I think it's called Ultimate Carrot cake and it's chockfull of carrots, raisins (or pecans), pineapple, shredded coconut, buttermilk and sweet and yummy goodness. The frosting is completly fat and caloriless ofcourse because it's packed full of butter and cream cheese. I think one of the BEST parts of this recipe is this to DIE for and go to dessert heaven, buttermilk glaze you put on while the cake is still warm and before you frost it. YUMMMMM! Anyway, needless to say, this was Darrin's request for the anniversary of his 35th birthday. Yeah, see we have this wonderful thing of celebrating the anniversay of of 35th birthday that way we never hit 40....isn't that awesome? Bet you wish you'd thought of that, huh? :-)
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Going to the chapel

and I'm gonna take some pictures! Can you guess what I did today? I shot Denyse and Adam's wedding. They were the super cute couple from a couple weeks back! Such a GREAT reception...truly FUN! Denyse looked gorgeous and Adam definately had stars in her eyes. These are just a tiny peek of the zillion images I have!

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