Friday, April 30, 2010

My good fortune at my GOODWILL

My cup run'ith over this week with doctors appointments to be ready for next weeks vacation with my surgeon.  (Otherwise known as my surgery).  Today, I thought my appointment was at 9:00 am and when I got there the secretary looked a bit incredulous.  She said, "You are VERY early, are you going to wait? "  Come to find out my appointment wasn't until 10:45.  I did NOT have time to go home and come back so I went to the local Goodwill.

THERE, I found this SUPER sweet needlepoint doggie on a leash. (click on the photo to make it larger!)  That inspired me to make a little doggie wall collage.  You KNOW I love dogs (and birds) so then I was on a quest to find another doggie print.  I KNEW I needed 3.  Then I came across this SWEET little boy with the pup.  I got these little black frames to frame a doggie print I got from BOB at the YE OLE CURIOSITY SHOP.  I haven't decided on which one yet.  Let's see, the needlepoint was 4, the oval doggie print was 2 dollars and the little frames were 2 for 5.  I also picked up this SWEET milk glass bowl for's so purty !  Lastly they had chairs on sale and eventually I want to get all mismatched chairs for my kitchen table and unify themwith the same wooden chair was 2.00!  I SCORED BIG TIME! 

I took off the back of the needlepoint to paint the frame, more on that in another post!  It's drying in the basement and I hope it has a cool finish I can share, If NOT I'll still share it so you don't make the same mistake! LOL

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Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Great treasures! I LOVE milk glass. Great bowl. Love & blessings from NC!

Tina said...

Love your multi-tasking Robyn- Dr's appt and thrifting, you go girl!! Your new treasures are wonderful!! Have fun with them:) Hope you have a fabulous weekend ~ Tina xx

It's me said...

Beautiful that dog needlepoint.....and that boy with sweet !! i really like it !!

Beautiful bowl............take care!! blessings and a lot of hugs from me Ria..............