Saturday, August 31, 2013


Okay, okay, I know I just did the pouf which is sortakindalikaxstool.  BUT...the X-STOOL is more fancy Nancy.  More Park Avenue.  A bit more upscale. A little more on the formal scale of design.  They actually have been around in design since like the dinosaurs or something like that.  In reality I'm just a bit too lazy to look up the date they were birthed and my mind is too sieve like to remember. On to the X-STOOLS...
Surinde de Young

living rooms - dark gray walls orange leather modern sofa green velvet x stools ottomans green brown floral silk pillows black lamp silhouette art eclectic art gallery sisal rug

x-stools.jpg 480×720 pixelsThe estate of things

loving the console, the x stools and the giraffe... need to find
Lucite, white, gray, and black
classicblackclassicwhitetumblr             This also has the lucite trend too!

X stool benches.  Every one needs carrot says everyone needs one or two!  Hhhhmmm, they do seem to come in twins!
Pink and green vanity vignette by a window seat by Meg Braff. Green skirted vanity table.  Kidney-shaped table. Kidney table. X-bench, X stool, X-stool,

Dream Home: Arianna
House of Turquoise: Graciela Rutkowski Interiors
silk wall of drapes, sunburst mirror, flat weave carpet, grant beige on walls, drum shades with greek key trim, pops of orange, x stool from wisteriaMJM    and yet another x-stool and lucite....yummy
wisteria x-bottom benchelements of style
The Crosby Stool is a bold and chic choice for any urban dwelling | WS

Nail head trim and high style make this Duvall Ottoman a classy choice  |  Mitchell Gold + Bob WilliamsMitchell Gold and Bob Williams

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Leather poufs, fur poufs, shiny poufs, colorful poufs, poufs,poufs, and more poufs!  They are popping up everywhere like toadstools after the rain.  But these are FUN! Useful too!  Plop on down onto one or kick your feet up on it.  Serve appetizers on it if you like!  There are poufs to fit every decor and every corner!

I just succumbed to the pouf rage myself with a set of twin grey and white square chevrons for my family room.  We are doing a little mini makeover of the family room as I mentioned a few posts backs so someday you'll get a reveal.  

Poufs Ideas│Poufs - #Poufs
No source for these, sorry
Poufs come in all price points too which is really cool.  It's really a trend for the masses, I'm telling you!  Mine are indoor/outdoor with washable slipcovers that I scored from Joss and Main for $42 with free shipping!  I've seen similar ones for over a hundred dollars and they weren't washable!  Let's check out some of the cool poufs available around the internet marketplace.
Idea Nuova Chevron Pouf
Mine look just like these.  This one is from Kohl's

Hot pink poufs for end of bed

Footstools & Pouffes - IKEA $279.99IKEA $279.99

WishList Whipstich Poufs for C
PoufsI've seen some like these at Target!

poodle pouf in poufs | CB2Poodle pouf from CB2
poufs.  Want 2 more!Sorry no source
furry poufsOhhh furry poufs!

Felt pouf stuffed handmade in Nepal by Nepalese womenThis one is available on Etsy for $245
Morrocan poufs


 Knit Poufs
Coral and royal sitting poufs- 9

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trend Alert: BAR CARTS

The rest of the week I'll be blogging everyday about something that I'm noticing that is currently trending, or a trend that won't go a way or a trend that's on the cusp of trending!

Today's trend is BAR CARTS!  They are EVERYWHERE!  One of the first times I noticed them in design was in a post by the FABULOUS EDDIE ROSS.  I think it was in a window display but I'm not sure.  Here are a couple posts of his using bar carts, A country living Christmas, here's one that's 3 years old in the New York Times (I'm telling you this guys a trend SETTER!) New York Times, the entire article is about bar carts! A post in 2008 One Flea Market, two bloggers!  Shopping the Rose bowl and coming across a fabulous black and gold Bar Cart.  And this is the one that sticks out in my mind, a window display with a bar cart for the Carleton V.

Lately as I'm perusing my PINTEREST and flipping through decor mags and decorating blogs, repeatedly I'm picking out bar carts here and there.  So here are a few you might want to check out!
bar cart - Google Search
bar cart - Google Search
bar cart - Google Search
bar cart - Google Search
The carts can go from LUXE like the ones above all brass and glass or more transitional like this one,
bar cart - Google Search design
There are also some that will fit more into a casual room like these...
bar cart - Google Search.
bar cart - Google Search plush
So whether you like your portable party on the glam side.
bar cart - Google Search
or a little bit more laid back, there are many carts to suit your needs!
bar cart - Google Search

Monday, August 26, 2013

August BIRCHBOX subscription A REVIEW of this beauty box and comparison to BEAUTY ARMY August

I don't know if I mentioned it in my Beauty Army review but my girls and I LOVE makeup.  I'm totally the type that if I'm having a bad day, a new tube of lipstick will cure it quick!  Considering Birchbox was on a waiting list I really didn't expect to get an August box so this was a pleasant surprise!  Let's open it up!

I have to say I'm tickled with this box!  4 nice size samples of eye shadow a coordinating VERY fine line liquid liner in navy blue.  It's a fabulous liner, my daughter Callie and I have both used it and loved it!  The company is called EYEKO London and it's called the Skinny Mini but it's a full size liner.  The lipstick is equally TDF! It smells scrumptious, goes on like a dream and it's a GREAT semi darker NUDE shade called Dusk till Dawn by a company called  It's the Party Proof Matte lipstick and I have to say it does have very nice staying power!
We are both trying the shadows tomorrow but I did a swatch test and the pigmentation seems fine.  We also received a self tanner towelette that covers your face and upper body.  That's probably something my teenager might use but I probably wouldn't.  We also received two products from a company called Miss Jessie's.  One is Super Sweetback Treatment that is a deep conditioning treatment for growing out hair. And the other is called Rapid Recovery Treatment, it's a deep treatment for repairing dry brittle curly hair. I'll be sure to use that. It also came with a little fashion pamplet for fall including some very generous Ann Taylor coupons.

Comparing this Birchbox to the Beauty Army box is sort of a no brainer.  I'd say I like the Birchbox much better, more product and 2 full size products.  I might give both of them one more month but if I had to decide today I'd say Birchbox and it's only $10 not $12 like the Beauty Army.

If you are thinking about a subscription box, I'd say for a little money it sure is nice getting a surprise in the mail once a month with some products you very well could fall in love with!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauty Army Subscription Box, my first one! A review

I don't know if it just a freaky thing with me but I expect most girls are the same way.  WE LOVE SURPRISES!  Seemingly in the past year and especially the past few months subscription box companies have been popping up all over the place.  There are beauty boxes, lifestyle boxes, nail boxes, men's boxes (there is even a monthly tackle box!), perfume boxes, food boxes, organic boxes and jewelry only boxes.  You name it and there is a box company willing to send you a surprise box every month for a fee.  Sometime the fee is small, like $10!  Sometimes it's big like $35-50.  Of course the quality and size of materials in those boxes is directly related to how much you want to spend.

Sure, I'd love getting luxurious full size containers of makeup like Urban Decay and Oh La la la French stuff I can't pronounce but this chick is on a budget but I still want a happy little surprise each month.  Luckily there are plenty of companies in the $10-18 dollar range.  Finally this month I bit the bullet, did a bit of research and decided to order Beauty Army for $12.  September I'm going to try the very popular $10 Birchbox (there is a waiting list) and then my girls decided to pitch in and order the POP SUGAR box in October for $35.  The cool thing about these is most of them can be cancelled at any time.  Some even have a skip a month feature.

Our August BEAUTY ARMY box came in with much fan fare.  Trumpets blaring, confetti, balloons dropping from the sky etc.  Well none of that really happened but as excited as my girls and I were you wouldn't have been surprised.  With out further ado..the reveal!

Okay I have to admit, I seriously thought the mystery sample was a tampon.  It looked just like one!  Luckily it was this pretty shade of  raspberry pink lip gloss from a company I haven't heard of.  That's okay though because this is all about TRYING new things!  I've used YES TO CARROTS before and it's a go to product for makeup removal.  We are Tea girls so that was pleasant surprise.  I'm also literally the driest person you will probably ever meet so a moisturizer is always a plus.  The little bottle of gel nails is kinda disappointing because you have to have gel nails to use it and we don't but oh well.  Pony tail holders....YEAH!  We go through those like water! Is it just us or do those things do a disappearing act on everyone?

I'd have to say we were pleased with our box.  There were some unknown products but that's kinda the point so that's okay.  We might try this one more month to see what September beholds!  Overall 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Some of the other companies I've heard of are:
Glossy Box USA  a beauty box
Petite Vour   a beauty box
Boxy Charm
Goody Gorilla a snack food subscription box
Blush    a beauty box
Julep    a nail box
Blue Box  a jewelry box
FABFITFUN  a women's box
BEAUTYBOX 5  a beauty box
GLAM BAG    a beauty box
Nail Art Society    a nail box
Juniper   a beauty box
The Bride Box     a box for brides
Her FAB BOX    a women's box
Dottie Box    a box of handmade items