Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dancing Queens AGAIN!

Lots of friends are asking about the recital so I thought I'd share a couple more photos of some friends of my girls. Little Ms. B here happens to be my self proclaimed blog stalker so I KNOW she'll enjoy these pics! She did a wonderful job at the recital and makes a lovely ballerina! This dress looked so pretty as the girls twirled about.

Ms. J in the blue tutu couldn't have worn a more delightful color to show off her pretty blue eyes!

And I said this before in the last recital pic post, ITS so DIFFICULT to get a good photo at a recital! You know, dark room, Aunt Flo with her bee-hive in front of you, no flash, etc. etc. Occasionally I take some pretty cool pics but they aren't here today! If you want to see some, check out
www.whimages.com ! And don't forget you still have time to take advantage of the spring special deal~ :-)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

And so you get GOATS!

Mother nature has been sprinkling us with showers for several days now. I KNOW the spring grass and flowers LOVE it and it sure is making everything green! But I've had to reschedule 4 shoots in the past couple days! So instead of super cute kiddos you get GOATS and a St. Bernard! LOL Last week I went to a past clients house to snap some shots of her baby goats. She has such a lovely home and lots of green grass and acreage! I'm GREEN with envy! :-) I love how goats look like they are walking around in heels...cracks me up!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dancing queen x 2

Months of practice and classes and costumes and shoes culminating into 4 ( 3 )minute performances! But it's all worth it to see how lovely our girls looked and HOW proud of themselves they were dancing infront of 300 people! We are so proud of them! I LOVE these pics even though they are DEFINATELY NOT my finest work! Shooting from your seat in a darkened theater with people in front of you doesn't lend itself to GREAT shots but the girls were SO pretty and did such a wonderful job! I LOVED Callie's ballet, she has that class on a night I work so I don't really get to see it so it was SO cool to see how graceful and practiced she has become! AND who doesn't love a rousing round of tap set to Elvis' Jailhouse Rock?!

This photo of Peyton peaking around the curtain before she went on is PRICELESS! She was all smiles on stage! She sure tapped her heart out to "all shook up!" FUN busy busy DAY for sure!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Golden glory!

These fields of golden mustard flowers (the owner told me-HA! you thought I was super smart for a second, right?), just begged for some photos! The girls had FUN! Although we were itchy as all get out and I needed an inhaler to clear up some congestion...but it was SO worth it! Look how yummy this evening light is!

Click on any photo to see it larger!

REMEMBER, please don't take a photo without asking. :-)

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday I shot these super SUPER fun kids at a local historical area. These two had so much personality...it sure made for a FUN shoot! Mr. L here totally could model for www.knuckleheadsclothing.com (Cool boy clothes). He totally had the model moves! Little Miss A was really sweet but such a brave little sassy girl too! MAN I love this time of year...EVERYTHING is so VIBRANT!
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Friday, April 18, 2008


These two lovely little ladies were so sweet and fun. We shot at one of my favorite places, it has all kinds of goodies: stone walls, lush grass, a bridge, a meandering stream and old buildings! The oldest, Little Miss Q looks a lot like what my neice Grace could look like in a couple years. The younger Little Miss R had super cool color changing eyes! I LOVE my job!These photos have a few of the different effects I can offer, jewel tone color, yummy chocolate sepia, and a vintage wash. There are a couple more on the site under little ones if you'd like to see more of these two little cuties! www.whimages.com

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drive WOMAN drive!

The past couple weeks have been super busy with my girls as they get ready for their dance recital. Extra practice, dance photos, dress rehearsals, etc. and so on. Today we had a dress rehearsal for Ms. P here and she looked super cute all dolled up in her 50's garb of red cigarette pants and high sassy pony twisting it to "the twist". When we left I had to make a couple stops and she was WAY NONE TOO HAPPY to be doing errands dressed like that. Let me give you a little background here real quick...
There is another Kindergartener in our neighborhood who happens to be a little boy. I'll refer to him as Mr. B. Mr. B and Ms. P here have a mild little Kindergarten romance going on. He's in another class at school BUT they ARE in the same language arts group. This is the SAME little boy that told Peyton that her wanted her to come to his house and that his mom would "TAKE her from her bus stop". Ms. P was PETRIFIED for weeks thinking this mom was going to TAKE her and I'd never see her again and she wouldn't be able to come home. SHE's very literal!
As we stroll into the drug store with me in my oh so unflattering yet oh so comfy capri track pants and Ms. P in the aforementioned sassy little number with the pony tail swinging, LOW and BEHOLD who do we walk smack dab into...charming little Mr. B!
Ms. P could totally have crawled under a rock. She actually looked like she zoned out and even sheilded her eyes in that "oh my gawd this is a train wreck yet I can't look away" fashion! Finally as we were walking to the car she said "THAT was a nightmare!" Then we get in the car and she bellows: DRIVE WOMAN DRIVE! This little girl is too big for her britches!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sun Flare, glorious SUN FLARE!

I've had the delight of photographing this fun little family several times now. Handsome baby D is the NEWBORN on my site wrapped in blue with the little blue and white hat on. Now he's a big guy!

Look at the uber cool sunflare I picked up on this shot of the girls! I JUST love it...I know technically it's not a great shot but I still love it! :-)

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gracie girl

2 days a week I'm blessed to get to have my neice and nephew for several hours. I have watched another little boy two days a week for about 3 1/2 years since he was several weeks old. His name is Hayden, and Grace here is referred to by him as "my gracie girl". Yesterday Hayden wasn't able to come so Grace and Mason and I went on a little photo shoot because I had an itchy shutter finger. She really wanted her pics taken and as I was driving around scouting new places she'd pipe up from the back seat, "not there, I don't want my pictures there." I'd point to an area from the car as we were driving and she'd nix them all. Finally I pointed here and she said, "yes, there, I want my pictures there!" Thank goodness for her approval!
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Friday, April 11, 2008


Yesterday was the first day that TRULY felt like spring! I LOVE that! I've been waiting so long it feels like! My double delightful friend Stephanie and I spent the day having some "girls day out" time...that's always FUN! What's more fun then going to Target with a super shopper buddy? ...and TACO BeLL! YUM!

So I've been waiting for it to get warm because I've had visions of Callie in front of this awesome RED door at a local church in a black leotard and black tutu. It took tons of COAXING, cajoling (I know that's not spelled right), 10 bucks and the promise that I'll let her get a real streak of a color in her hair this summer. She wants pink about an 1inch wide ala Avril Lavign even though she's not an AL fan, but she DOES have cool hair. This particular door is at a busy intersection in our town and tutu clad Callie was NON TOO PLEASED to have everyone and their brother that we possibly know drive by the intersection and view her skinny little body in the black get up. OHHHH but I had FUN! The texture of the stone walls, the bold black hinges the color-packed spring flowers....ohhh my! AND that FOUNTAIN~ made my day! Thank goodness spring is HERE!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hoppy boy!

OMGAWD, look how cute Mr. A is! I could eat him up! I was totally lovin' his happy little spirit AND that rain coat and frog boots...to die for! His momma is a real cool chicka who's doing such a fab job raising this little man. These pics were for his second birthday and his Mom Lisa had a super cute t made for his b-day with a 2 on and his name...GREAT idea~!

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