Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wegmans...WOW! And a little DIY idea!

It finally happened. In my town we were finally blessed with a WEGMANS!  It's definitely farther than where I typically food shop but to think of going to Wegmans as lowly ole food shopping is just about blasphemous! This store is a little slice, well huge slice of food/kitchen supplies, flowers, cheese, bakery and produce Heaven.  Yes, I like it that much!  I've been 3 times now in the week and a half they've been open.  Wegmans is totally an experience, it's a shop, use and repeat kind of store.  

Tomorrow, I'll post an example of how awesome their flower shop is.  I bought a field mix on our first trip there and 7 days later, it's still lovely!  The sweet florist told me that the flowers come directly from the grower, no middleman, that's why they last so long.  A big BIG bunch is 12.99 and is worth every penny.  If you have a Wegmans nearby and haven't been there. Go. Grab your grocery list and RUN WOMAN RUN!

Just like how behind I've gotten with this blog, I'm behind in a bunch of aspects of my life.  One of the things that I've been late catching up  to the bandwagon is PINTEREST.  I think the first time I checked it out, I was overwhelmed and I just didn't feel like putting the effort into figuring it out PLUS I couldn't get that CUTE little push pin to go into my bookmarks bar.  By the way, I still CAN'T.  Although it hasn't stopped me from falling head over LOUBOUTINS in LOVE/LUST.  Oh, um, yeah...about the Louboutins, I have not one pair nor do I realistically envision  having in my little walk-in closet.  Although, if I had the $$$ they sure would be a fun spluge!  Geez,, now I've gone off topic. And I NEVER do that. (liar, liar, pants on fire)

Anyway, while sipping my morning coffee, I came upon these gorgeous silver glass pumpkins. Oh to die for them!

That very same day, little Ms. Peyton and I ran into Marshalls (OHH and did I tell you that they are building a HOMEGOODS and a DSW shoe warehouse directly ACROSS from my new Nirvana, aka: Wegmans).  In the seasonal goodies we came across similar FABULOUS glass pumpkins.  They were just perfect but I was afraid they were just a tad too fragile.  On the way home I was thinking about several different DIY's I had recently seen on the other Nirvana that is Pinterest.  So tomorrow, I'm going to combine 2 different DIY's and make it one new special DIY and I'll let you know how it goes!  I promise I will post it in the next couple days and if it turns out like the visions in my big ole head, I think you are going to WANT to hop back by!