Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Are you a robot?"

It's time for a PEYTONISM!

Tonights homework for Peyton had to do with clocks, watches and tally marks. She had to count the number of each in our home and make tally marks for each. As she was counting the number of watches, she realized that I never wear a watch. So she of course, wanted to know why. I explained that for some reason whenever I wear a watch it unexplainably dies within a month or two. So then I had to explain that by "die" I meant that it just wouldn't work. She wanted to know why that happened. I explained that I really didn't know and that maybe I had too much electricity or something in my body. With HUGE eyes she said, "ARE YOU A ROBOT?"

Ummm not that I know of! Anyway, it's been like that for years, I was fine in high school but the older I've gotten the quicker the watches die. I like to think it's my electrifying personality...but probably not. :-) Another sort of weird thing is....when I go for physical therapy, they use this electrical impulse thing on my neck and leg. Apparently, for my leg she has to turn it up to about MAXIMUM for it to work! I guess I'm just a freak!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Callie's lovely lengths

My oldest daughter (older than Cole by 7 minutes...the best 7 minutes of her life, she teases) did a GREAT deed this evening. She donated 10 inches of her lovely, thick tresses to Pantene's Lovely Lenghts program. I think it was harder on me than it was on Callie! LOL I really LOVE her hair and it's always been so pretty, and thick and a great color. She decided sometime ago to do this and it really is a wonderful cause. It usually takes about 7 ponytails to make one wig. With Callie's they may not need 7! LOL

As some of you know, Callie's Aunt Michele passed away of leukemia when she was only 10 years old, just a few short weeks
after diagnosis. I never was fortunate enough to meet Michele of course, but I believe she has helped shape our lives many times. I'm sure that our Callie Michelle has made her aunt so proud in heaven. Callie just completely glows with GOODNESS (except for those bouts of preteen hormones we have now and then but that's another story), she's the daughter anyone would be proud to have.

She's now sporting a SASSY new 'do and I'm afraid it makes her look a bit older! Gorgeous either way!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet Ms. M!

I had a BLAST at this senior session! I'm sure sweet Ms. M thinks I'm a total goofball. I get so excited sometimes during shoots and she had AWESOME clothes and accessories, one of the things I LOVE about fall is the LAYERING. Texture and layers looks SO great in photos!

M wanted her pictures at this site and her parents were married here 20 some years ago! HOW sweet is that? I love how it all came full circle! I have so many incredible shots...it's going to be hard for them to choose, I think!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you feel it?

The weather the last few days has been gorgeous. I still feel fall sneaking in, whispering chilly air during the cool mornings at the bus stop. I love fall but I'm so sorry to see summer go! These pics are at my friend Jeannettes house. I've shown bits of her absolutely darling place before...it truly is my most favorite house EVER! As I've said before and I'll say it again, MARTHA doesn't have a thing on Jeannette!

My calendar is filling quickly now, with only a month till "operation million dollar woman" aka: Robyn with another back surgery, I want to fit as many of you in as you'd like. Another cool thing about getting them done now is that you'll have one HUGE thing checked off your list for the holidays~! cool huh?
Remember too, that we can put cozy hats and scarves on and do closeups....your friends and family will be none the wiser! :-) PLuS, if you would like canvases for gifts for Christmas or the Holidays, we'll need that time to order them as well. They are a lovely piece of ART and will last a lifetime!
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Guess where we went?

I'm back, barely coherent but back. The dogs were SO happy to see us! We missed them. We had the BEST time, really so sad to see it end. I was just a mess leaving the Magic Kingdom for the last time....Yeah, so I'm like a TOTAL major dork. I'm SO not a cryer either but something about Disney just gets to me! It's all my Dad's fault I think! I have a zillion photos I could share, I'm too tired to edit any of them to put them here but I will in the next day or so...at least share a few. If you like Cole's haircut, I know an AWESOME stylist (my sister) who does this for us everytime! If you want to go to DISNEY, I know an awesome travel agent too!

Too many highlights, I can't even skim over them...but I will say we were chosen as the "first royal family" and opened fantasyland one morning. That was so cool for the kids and ME! LOL We rode Dumbo first all by ourselves and then Peter Pan then opened it to everyone! AWESOME!

One other kooky thing was while in the Orlando Airport tonight, guess who I saw? Johnny Depp? No...Martin Sheen? No....my neurosurgeon? YES! Weird, huh? I walked up to him and said, "Gosh, you really are checking up on me, huh?" :-) Last week he told me to
go to Disney, have fun and be careful and then he shows up at the airport...on the SAME flight home! LOL He was there on business though...I think he's an awesome Doctor but doubt he'd follow me to the sunshine state!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soooo Cute and Sassy! I LOVE THAT!

This little peanut has just the sweetest grin...an incredible combination of sweet and sassy! Her green eyes were just so pretty and the morning sun just put the BEST twinkle in them! Although I think they probably twinkle most of the time!

Her Mommy brought the BEST fun stuff for us to play with...I'm such a sucker for a fun prop! Mom and Dad were super nice and I just had a very nice morning despite the heat and humidity...HELLO it's SEPTEMBER! :-)

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

So I bought some time....WHEW!

Okay, I'm having surgery Oct. 23rd...so that gave me several more weeks for holiday photos! I'm excited and less stressed out about it now! If I have you scheduled for after the 23rd, I have tried to contact you today for a reschedule. Please try to get in touch with me as well. My contact info is on the www.whimages.com site under contact.

I started physical therapy today for my leg and neck. It was interesting! The one electrical impulse machine felt really cool on my neck but the one on my leg felt like the worst charlie-horse EVER!
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Hey, Hey get 'em while they're HOT!

I'm going into used car salesman mode here. Sorry and not that there is anything wrong with being a used car saleman. I'm just saying.

I have had 2 cancellations for this weekend which is actually good news for YOU. You see, I went to the neurosurgeon on Tue. and lucky me found out that I get to have a cervical fusion (which is weird that cervical actually means neck...who'd guess THAT!) So it involves fun stuff like cadaver material and titanium rods and cool futuristic things like that. So basically I'll be like the million dollar woman, but just cheaper and with a camera.

Speaking of my camera, I will be limited on shooting this fall. :-( So fall and spring are my busy times. I won't have the details on the surgery date until the next day or so. Gawd, nothing like airing your dirty laundry here for everyone to smell! :-) So if you want a shoot for fall/holiday, and you simply must have a WHIMAGES shoot, cause you are cool like that and all. Call me or email me. Like in the next day or so. We are leaving for Disney some time soon. So that shortens everything by a week. You MAY need to do a shoot after school or something I'm going to try to be flexible with my times until the surgery 'cause it sounds like those titanium rods AREN'T that flexible for a several weeks.

While we are away, we'll have a delightful house sitter here taking care of sweet Macy and McCoy/Levi what's his name. So all you relatives don't go freaking out that I'm telling the blog universe that I won't be home, like an open invitation to visit my house or anything. And beside that I've got the attack parrot that will BITE your head off if you come uninvited! And a HOT security system too!

Last but not least. When I come back, I'm having coffee and donuts at 10:00 on Monday the 22 to order from the Matilda Jane West Side collection BEFORE it's available to the public. So if you want super cool clothes (they will be available for your viewing pleasure sometime this week at matildajaneclothing.com then go to WEST SIDE, it's not there yet, but soon. So email me if you are coming, kay?

Look at sweet Peyton there in her Matilda Jane finery....classic and that's still my favorite new site!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sweet little family!

These adorable little faces are from one of my sessions this weekend. They were just so CUTE! Both had gorgeous eyes like their mommy. Mom was super cool and laid-back which totally shows in her kids relaxed happy attitudes!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I could so add these 3 to my family!

These 3 super cute kids were:FUN, BRAVE, CURIOUS, ADVENTUROUS and just plain cool~! Sessions like this feel so easy peasy, I wonder how I get paid to have this much fun! There are so many cute pics that I could show them all day...but I have to limit it to four! Dern free blog! :-) Seriously, Jenn...you have GREAT kids! And Hi, little Miss M! I know you were looking for this post! :-)

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't you want to move into this tent?

Blu's Mom's (the dude is so cute, I can't help but keep taking pictures of him, and if you get tired of seeing him, please don't tell me; but it won't matter anyway) mother-in-law and sisters own this absolutely spectacularly fabulous little store at the Beach that only had sales a couple times a year. This labor day weekend was the last sale, ever. I'm glad I was there, I just wish I had like an extra couple thousand dollars I could have spent! I mean really, I could have dropped it . Like. That. The store is in a little house but the delightfully white goodness spilled over into this huge white tent and all over the lawn too! I have more pics of it I could post but I don't want you sending me hate mail because you weren't there and I was and maybe you DID have a couple extra thousand dollars hanging outa your khaki shorts or
something like that.

Okay, down to business. Mine that is. Because my surgery may only be the first of 2 or 3 and my neck is totally KILLING me since the chiropractor, which you may recall was before the surgery. In fact, my back pretty much felt like I could deal with it (although physically it was an EXTREME necessity to get it fixed...you know like numb leg and all that) at surgery time. So what I'm trying to say is, all of the fall bookings that I'm doing after the 21st of September are tentative until I know what I have to have done. AND, we are leaving for Disney for a week before then. So...if you POSITIVELY must have me take fall/end of summer/holiday photos of your delightful family,
email me now and I'll try to fit you in. I have one cancellation this weekend and several openings next weekend. After that...sorry to say, and it's killing me to say this, no guarantees I can shoot the ones you love! :-)

OH yeah, my Matilda Jane Party is THURSDAY....come, come! I have a Tangerine Mimosa with your name on it and a slice of apple pie too!
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Seeking extremely handsome, bronzed and buff male. Willing to spend L O N G, lazy days with our toes in the sand soaking up the rays. Must enjoy the smell of the salty sea breeze. Candidate must also EXUDE an exuberance for life, do fun, wild and crazy things and not really care what anyone else thinks about their happy-go-lucky behavior. Digging holes in the sand is a plus; as is a REALLY cute set of buns! I want a long term commitment too, this won't be a short little fling!

This is my friend Tina's rescue boxer puppy Blu. In his first beach photo session. He has a couple other brother's and sisters too if you want to check them out at www.boxerrescue.com . BUT remember a puppy is a TON of work...as a matter of fact I recently told the director to put in BOLD red ink across my file to remind me in the future that I don't want a rescue under 8 months old. I love Mr. Levi McCoy to pieces but that boy is trouble with a capital T! Full of mischief is that brown boy! So if you want check out the older sweeties too, YOU WON'T be sorry!

I'll have another post later tonight, so stay tuned!

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