Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Mossy Terracotta Pottery! DIVINE!

Do these images make your heart go pitter patter?  Do you get all googly-eyed about aged terracotta pots?  I certainly do!  Luckily, new terracotta doesn't have to look NEW for very long!  All you need is a trip to the grocery for some Activia yogurt, a  couple new terracotta or concrete pots, some moss from your backyard and a little chopper or mini food processor or even a blender!  Mix it all up, paint it on your pots and stick them in a bag, mist them well with water and seal the bag up for 10 days.  Your pots will continue to grow moss as the season wears on.  It helps if you mist the pots mossy sides daily.  Then, VOILA', terracotta pots aged to perfection in just a month or so!

Last year, I didn't have a lot of moss so my milkshake was very diluted and I also didn't bag the pots.  These two pots are examples of what they turned out like last year.  Not so bad!
These pots were treated with a very diluted moss milkshake last summer.  They were NEW when they were covered in the shake.

This is the kind of moss you should use to make your shake!  BTW, I'm in love with my little concrete toadstool from Terraine!  I wish I had a couple more!
Put one sheet of live moss and 1 small container of Activia yogurt into your mini food processor and BLEND well!

After painting the moss milkshake on with a brush or your hands, put your pots in a plastic bag for 10 days
You can also paint it on to pots that are already planted,  they just won't grow moss as fast.

Day 7 of a new pot

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Rene Foust said...

So awesome, I will have to give this a try.