Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm BACK from Bloggy hiatus! Hey Y'all!...

I don't know where to begin about my hiatus. Nothing exciting really happened to cause it.  But I'm back and I've realiezed I've wasted so much time worrying about trying to play catchup and that's stopping me from posting!  So I'm going to pretend that I never left. Okay? LOL

A while back, I was contacted by this awesome company called Novica. It's parent company is National Geographic and what they do in a nutshell (I'll never do the company justice if I try to explain it all) is go into distant villages where local artisans are making incredible products and offer those products to the world.  This in turn helps the village and the artisans financially and we, the consumer, benefit by getting our hot little shopping hands on incredible artisan goods that would not normally be available to us unless we traveled the world!

In order to test out the company, we were able to choose a couple products. Callie chose these incredibly lovely silver rings.  They even came with actual thank you notes written by the artist! Perfect! I love that I can purchase something so lovely from a company that is FREE TRADE and is actually benefiting the needy! So cool!

They have awesome corporate gifts here .  There are also gorgeous eco-friendly gifts here .  Plus if you are anything like me, I LOVE giving a gorgeous UNIQUE gift that suits the recipient perfectly and isn't just like everyone else's!  If you love unique items, check this out!

OK, friends I'll be back with a fun post in a day or so!  OHHH and wait till you see what my son, Cole got me as an early B-day present!