Monday, August 24, 2009

CHHHHANGES and it's my birthday and I can be happy if I want to!

Matt took off some of the cabinet doors in preperation for the primer. I'm really tired of our current cabinet color. I really like natural wood finishes but we've had these natural oak long enough. It's starting to look so orangey to me...and I love orange but not like this. Our first house had natural pecan cabinets and they were so lovely, I still miss them! Anyway, as I said in a previous post, we are going to prime them in a medium robin egg blue then paint them in an eggshell black. Then we'll distress them some so you can see the robin egg blue through in the distressed spots. I say we when I mainly mean Matt, but you get the picture! LOL I think we are going to leave the doors off of the cabinet where our plates and glasses are and trim out the edges and just have them as open shelving. My sister gave me those AWESOME numbered coffee mugs that I'm totally and completely in love with for my birthday. The island and the desk area are going to be primed in the blue and painted white and have the same distressing technique. We found a really cool company with re-claimed wood for our island top and desk top. That'll be so exciting! They are in West Virginia but he's doing an entire bar in Manhattan so is going to deliver it for free because he'll basically be driving right by! Cool ;-)

At this age, my birthdays aren't so exciting anymore, LOL. But yesterday we went antiqueing in Havre de Grace, MD. That's one of my favorite things to do. I got a couple of those white bowls there and I went back to my friend Bob's place and bought a measuring cup I've been eyeing. It's just a clear measuring cup by Fire King with a hint of blue to it. It's at the bottom of the first picture hidden partially by the cabinet divider. I don't know why that measuring cup has been calling my name!

I'm guessing that my 39th year can only be better than my 38th year so I'm looking forward to it. I'm thinking happy thoughts!

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