Thursday, November 26, 2009


I joined this little show and tell party at . It's a wonderful blog I've recently started following and I LOVE it.  I thought I'd share some things that were given to me and something I gave myself! LOL

OLD ROYAL TYPEWRITERMy Dad gave me this old typewriter that I just LOVE. LOVE!  My kids and the neighbor kids love to type little notes on it!  I told Cole he should type his first love note (which I hope is several years off) on it because it would be SO romantic.  Of course he looked at me like I had two HEADS.
These little booties have such a cool story. One day when I was a teenager (so like a LOOOONG time ago) my father was taking some trash that we cleaned out of our basement to our local landfill. While he was there, he noticed a very old man struggling to get an old trunk out of the back of his truck. He immediately started to help him, of course. While helping him, the man explained that his wife had passed away and he was getting rid of things thatbeen packed away for years. He had apparently already made one trip earlier in the day and that trunk had contained his wife's wedding dress, he said. My father felt like he couldn't let someone else's memories just be put into the dump and asked the man if he would mind if he took the trunk home to HIS wife. The man gladly agreed and my father loaded the trunk into his now empty truck. My mother was happy to have it and we all had fun going through the goodies. I can't remember everything that was in it now, since it was SO long ago, lol. BUT these delightful little baby booties and their button hook were included. I them!

MINI IRONSTONE PITCHERSMy wonderful mother in law recently passed these two little pitchers onto me from her mother. They both came with a little saucer and are just so sweet. I'm
so happy to be their new owner and will treasure them! After having them for a few days, I thought of the Ironstone pitcher I had purchased from my favorite antique/junk man, Bob. (I will be taking those photos in the next day or so...I saw Bob today and he said would be open tomorrow or the next day if the weather clears, so stay tuned, you won't be sorry!) Anyway, I think these pitchers make a very happy little trio! Also, our  dining furniture  set is from my grandmother-in-law as well. It's such a pretty set and we are fortunate to have it!

ANTIQUE DIVIDED RESTAURANT PLATEThe last one is this plate in the center of the photo. Click on it to make it larger and you'll see that it's divided! It's also from Bob's store and it apparently is from an old cafeteria style restaurant that was in Baltimore, Maryland. I've lived in MD all my life so I think it's extra cool! These plates are on the wall in my little entrance foyer.

Go toThe Romantic Home Blog  at and check out everyone's show and tell and participate too, it's fun to see what everyone shares! Just like in kindergarten!

I hope you all had a delightful and wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for my family and friends far and wide!  I'm thankful for comments too :-)

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Kayren said...

My favorite is the typewriter, because I have one that is probably a lot like it that was my Grandpa's. I have pictures of me as a toddler typing on it, and I'm going to be 44 in December! I got it before he passed away, probably when he started using a word processor all the time at home. I was the sentimental one that was attached to it. If I could have claimed their old dialing phone I would have!

Vicki said...

Hi, Robyn,
You have some wonderful treasures! Those baby shoes were quite a find for your family. I am glad you were able to treasure them since the man was going to get rid of them. The ironstone pitchers and plates look lovely in your home! Blessings to you! Vicki

Shirley said...

I love your show and tell items. Mostly because I love great antiques. The little shoes and button hook are precious.

Hootin Anni said...

I learned to type on something just like fact, I still have mine!!!

My show n tell is HERE

Happy Friday.

Sheila said...

Robyn thank you for stopping in at my blog for show and tell friday. I so love those baby shoes. Are they not the sweetest? YOur ironstone pots are wonderful. The doves are going to be for sale on my website. Just something fun to do on a rainy day.

Mrs Twins said...

Oh yes that typewriter brought back a lot of memories to me too! I've really enjoyed your Show and Tells great fun Fridays! Thank you for sharing! Also many thanks for paying me a visit to the UK.
I'm glad you enjoyed my work.Hugs and love Sue UK. Have a lovely weekend.
P.S. I particularly liked the story of the man it must have been hard for him to throw out but pleased to know it would bring happiness to others. x

Cindy said...

What great things! It's so sad that man was getting rid of his wife's things! I'm glad the shoes were saved!!! Your dad was in the right place at the right time!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I learned how to type on one of those manual typewriters. I remember being so thrilled when they came out with electric ones. Yes. I'm ooooold. Love all the goodies. thanks for sharing. Rosie

TQ said...

Oh those baby shoes are just so wonderful as are all the items you have shown today.

Thank you for sharing and have a GRAND weekend.

Diann said...

What great treasure Keepsakes you have! Love those divided plates!

Have a wonderful day!

Charlene said...

Thank you for stopping by to see my new doll that I shared on Show & Tell Friday at Cindy's My Romantic Home. I have gotten her out of her Thanksgiving outfit & have her up for Christmas in a whole new vingette. Hope you will come back soon to see her in her new look.

I am all in LOVE with those little shoes. And the story was sooooooooo touching. Don't you think that was so special of your Dad to have done that? I don't think most men would have brought that back home (once to the dump they are sooooooooo happy to have things gone they don't want to return with anything else to have to deal with) What kind of typewriter is yours? I have an old Underwood. Love it. Have a wonderful weekend.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Robyn, how fun to share these items and such memories also. Love the typewriter and the shoes, but the oh my, it really caught my eye. Guess I'm a plate gal! I have a couple of divided plates from restaurants or diners, but mine aren't so fancy like yours. Hope to visit you again!


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Hi Robyn,

Stopping by for the first time to your really sweet place here. Show and Tell is fun and your items are so interesting! The typewriter is really awesome!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.

Oh, I really, really like your dogs!

Kindly, ldh

Kayren said...

I left the first comment, but I had to come back...I didn't catch your profile on the sidebar the first time, and I saw over on Sue's blog (Mrs. Twins) that you have twins. I have twins also (girls that will be 16 this week), and then two boys 13 and 9 (10 in January). Yes, that youngest one will be your early demise!

Fabric softener...I'm glad there's somebody else out there...liquid or sheets?