Friday, December 11, 2009

Show and Tell Time!

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I'm participating in Cindy's SHOW AND TELL PARTY, go check everyone out! I'm sharing this sweet Cop Top milk bottle. The other two bottles are from dairy's in Maryland but I'm not sure where the Cop Top one is from. If you are not familiar with milk bottles, they made some bottles with a large bulb on the top to hold the cream. On the Cop Top, the bottle is embossed with a police man and a suggestion of a hat, the bottle would say "cop the cream", mine says it faintly but you have to hold it on an angle to read it. I've seen a couple of these go on ebay for 95 dollars although mine has a happy little home here in my NEW open shelving in my kitchen that you'll see when I do my kitchen reveal party when it's all done. Which. It's. Not. But soon! LOL As a hint, my cabinets went from natural oak to black with a slight distressing of robin egg blue showing through (or Robyn Egg Blue!). The bottles and the old measuring cups are from the antique store I showed you last week in my Show and Tell. I HEART them!

I know everyone and her sister is making FORK EASELS but I still had to show you mine! My husband actually made it for me 'cause he loves me like that and stuff! I Heart HIM! LOL I'm going to give each of my friends that come over Christmas eve (If you are coming over, forget you read that!) tied with a pretty bow. They are perfect to hold a recipe card or a photo!

Wanted to throw in some Christmas ornaments just because, well. It's almost Christmas~!


Al said...

There goes those bottles again, like you I am fond of old bottles, I keep old tomato sauce bottles, juice bottles, and many more. They looked classic when reused.

Charlene said...

Robyn thank you for stopping by to visit me for Show & Tell Friday. I am so glad that my glittery doves gave yo such joy. Check back soon to see the ice skates I am glittering. In reading your post prior to your milk bottles (which are so cute) I feel so bad for you with all your back pain. Puts my back "issues" into perspective (I mean what is a slipped disc compared to what you are dealing with) You are such a brave girl... the needles send me fleeing! NO NEEDLES! But, I guess if the pain is bad enough you will try anything. My sister in law had a terrible back & I can now see how she became addicted to pain meds. Hope you are better. Merry Christmas! Charlene

Mrs Twins said...

Robyn Hi!
I really enjoyed your Show and Tell. Its so nice to see what others get up to. I feel very honoured that I and others are allowed into each others lives to share those special things.
May I wish you a Happy Christmas and New year to you and your family.
Hugs and LOve Suex

TQ said...

Everything looks GREAT. LOVE those bottle!

Thanks for sharing and have a GRAND weekend.

TQ said...

Oh I love your fork easle! I have never seen them before; I'm just a new-born into crafting ...

Thank you for sharing, have a GRAND weekend.

My Grama's Soul said...

You are so creative my friend. I took time to enjoy your blog. WOW!

Thanks for stopping by - I love meeting new friends.

Blessings to you,


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