Wednesday, July 16, 2008

1 loaf of wheat+1 pack of wheat pitas+1 bag of potato rolls= a lot of carbs for Chester

I went to the grocery store today after the chiropractor (crack, crack) and bought too much stuff but I haven't really been since we've been back from the beach. My dad came by and I wanted to run him by my friend Tina and Curt's to check out some of their pergolas. I GUESS the bread drawer was a tinsy bit open so when we came home the furry guilty parties had bread crumbs on their chins and a bit of a chagrin in their grins! I'm sure Chester was the master planner of the carb overload but Macy was happy to join in the feast. PLEASE don't tell Dr. Atkins...I'm sure he wouldn't approve of the Carb-a-thon.

I love this picture of Chester from yesterday with his mostly empty Jiff Peanut butter container...he LOVES to do that!

OMG, this is SOOOOO FUNNY. It's a Callieism not a Peytonism but it's'll love it! Callie had a friend over today named Allie. She bursts through the door and says to Matt, "Daddy, show Allie your double UVULA!" He declined, much to Callie and Allie's disappointment. Okay, so I'm gonna make you look that up on wikipedia or whatever and see what kind of freak my husband is. I'm gonna expect a COMMENT from you since there are like sometimes 75 of you a day who read this and nobody comments. Show Matt's uvula the love people! Comment, Comment!

Here are some fun beach pics from our beach vaca and the fun and cool family we stayed with!

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