Tuesday, July 8, 2008

party all the time...party all the time...


First let me start with the sweetness...Little Miss C was just an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT! Her mommy contacted me about me being at the beach sometime this summer and luckily it worked out that I could do her first birthday pics there! Isn't she just the CUTEST! LOOOOOOOK at those blue eyes...AND she's a total hambone too. The camera just LOVED her!

Okay, about the party girls in the next pictures....let me just say that the world is PROBABLY a calmer place because Peyton is my daughter and not my friend Tina's. Because those two together would just be a DANGEROUS package! The world couldn't handle them if they spent more time together...we'd all have tatoos and PINK hair! Speaking of, Callie gave Tina a pink streak to match Peyton's and she did a FABULOUS job!

This last picture is Peyton in one of the Matilda Jane art fair pieces I purchased....It's the Ellie SWAN halter...I LOVE it on her!

Yes, I do have 2 other kids...they just don't like their pictures taken!
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