Sunday, July 20, 2008

It feels like a pardon from the president...

Friday, Mr. Chester had a VERY bad day. It started with the night before where he was restless and panted constantly. I really don't think he slept at all. The next morning continued with his respirations being way up and he was continually restless and his eyes were really saggy. Although I'm sure mine didn't look a whole lot better.

We decided to make the appt. for the vet the next day at 1:00. We all went through Friday with heavy hearts. I gave Chester a benedryl before bed just to chill him out some. Benedryl is the same ingredient in a sleeping pill and I knew it should be fine because we were instructed to give Cooper one before his Chemo every time. Chester had a rest filled night and I woke him once to go out and potty about 3 am.

Saturday morning, he bounded down the steps with a sparkle in his eye. He acted very VERY normal, breathing normally and resting on the cool tile of the kitchen. We cancelled the appointment with the vet and headed to the
park! The dogs had so much fun and at one point Chester went flying down one of the hiking trails trying to catch up with Cole. Matt and I just stood in the stream with big smiles and happy hearts watching him go!

He does not wear a colar anymore because of the extreme size of his lymph nodes. We did harness him as we hiked through the park to the stream but then took it off. Believe me there is NO chance Chester would have left so don't be alarmed that he was tagless. We've always teased that a stranger couldn't lure him away with a piece of filet mignon. We are Chesters entire world and he is just a huge member of our family.

I know that yesterday was a temporary reprieve from his illness. A true gift. Thank you God for such a wonderful day. It really meant a lot to all of us. More than I can say.

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