Sunday, July 13, 2008

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried...

UPDATE!!!!! "Mr. Hobbins" Dad emailed us this morning from our craigslist posting. They were ecstatic to have him back! They teased him about his mini vaca-spa treatment. They sure were a nice family and I'm SO glad that this story had a happy ending!

Yet another chapter in the saga that is Robyn's life unfolds...

First you have to listen to one of my ailments because it will provide a visual for you later in the delightful little story that is about to unfold. While at the beach last week, I stepped out of bed and put some weird little kink in my lower back. This kind of thing is not unusual for me and my friends in real life will know that I probably have a stiff neck more often or not (or they just think I'm REALLY snobby and turn my body that way when I'm speaking on purpose). It sort of remained the same for a few days, nothing advil wasn't really taking care of. These things usually take a week and go away. Well...on Friday I noticed that my back was feeling better (YEAH!) but now my big toe was numb on the left foot. HMMMM. As the day progressed the numbness worked it's way up my leg eventually resulting in a mild Quasimodoesque movement of my leg since it didnt' really seem to want to work they way I wanted it too. So, needless to say, I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow. Never been to one so that should be fun but hey, I would like to walk again with relative normalcy if that is possible with the clumsy gene that I seem to have.

Here's the good part... Matt's band played at a relatively local place called The Barn so I said to myself, "Self, let's send the kids to G-Mom's and go watch the handsome drummer play!" So that's what we did. Luckily there was no dancing involved ( minus the embarrasing shuffle like movement Matt dragged me around in a circle during some slow song-ummmm yes the band did have several people buy them shots of something or that NEVER would have happened)BTW, I drove so don't go up in arms about the driving after shots thing people.

The band plays till almost 2ish, so that's late for this hobble legged, can't party like a rockstar anymore mom. It takes FOREVER for the band to pack up...Matt especially with all the gear and schtuff. So we are just kinda hanging out shooting the breeze (the band and I 'cause I'm cool like that)for a moment outside the club before we all get in our cars and head home. The club/bar is located on a MAJOR road toward Baltimore. Shannon(the singer) says, "Hey, look at that little dog!" Our story's heroine (that's me, of course) throws her FABULOUS and FAKE D & G green and white purse down to the side walk and DASHES like the speed of light across the busy road to rescue the poor lost little white dog. (okay, so I actually dragged my left leg in a quick, drag hobble drag movement but that didn't sound as good). The lovely little man leaps into my arms and I carry him safely back to the group. He doesn't have tags on and other than big brown eyes and a matted white coat the only other remarkable feature past his huge ears is his rapiddly beating heart.

So about 4:45 in the morning, the little guy has a bath in the kitchen sink (I'm sorry...I don't need fleas to go with the bum leg). Matt, Me and Chester, Macy and little white dog head up to bed. Little white dog decides to make himself comfy ON the bed with the four of us. Hey, what's one more? At 7:30 Chester gets me up to go potty (he's on prednisone so we get up several times a night now for potty breaks) I anap these pics of Barney (and just because he has a name doesn't mean, DOES NOT MEAN he's staying~ hey locals...can you guess which club Matt played? THE BARN, maybe?)

Yes, we have already listed him on Craigslist, checked Petfinder and all that Jazz. I think he's a purebreed Westhighland White Terrier although you can't tell from my crappy pictures. We laughed ourselves silly all the way home how this stuff only happens to us. We contemplated plopping him in our friend Curt and Tina's back yard or putting him on Lisa's back porch (she has a white dog and we thought maybe she wouldn't notice another) He's also had yet ANOTHER bath because the little squirt fell in the pond right after that one picture was taken.

If this story is weird, long winded and just nonsensical remember I've had about 2 1/2 hours of sleep. :-)

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