Monday, July 21, 2008

Nothing but love...

First of all Happy Birthday to this beautiful JET-BLACK boy here...Rudy is 10! Can you believe it? He's such a cool big boy who enjoyed the session almost as much as I did and that's saying something! This family happens to be neighbors from a few houses down...we all feel like they've lived on our street forever! Talk about fitting like a glove! When I was doing some quick looks at these photos from the session to decide what I was going to send for their "sneak peek", Peyton looked at this second photo and said..."Awwww, they really love each other, MOM!" It was cute! And with their daughter....look OUT AMERICA'S next top model...She was sugesting poses for me! LOL I love that! And the love on little C's mom's face when he's scurrying along the bridge toward her is just PRICELESS!

Thank you M family for a GREAT time even if the beginning of the session was a bit like "Survivor" according to Ally!

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