Saturday, July 26, 2008

Poor stressed out!

My GAWD, being allowed to lounge on the furniture in the air conditioning MUST be an extremely stressfull episode in McCoy's short life. The poor thing just looks like he can't take much more! ;-)

I know these are all snapshots, sorry. I just wanted to show you how great Mr. Chesterman really is doing. This last picture he decided to join in the action of the frenzy that is 2 boxers playing. Don't mind the horrible and torn up back area of our yard...we are trying to decide how we are going to add onto/redo the playhouse for the kids. Really just Peyton because the big ones don't use it much anymore.

All that rough-housing took out every single one of McCoy's stitches from his neuter. EEEK. He also has a pretty serious upper respiratory/traceal infection that could either be from the intubation at the neuter surgery or just the shelter scene got to him. But he was only there 2 days but I guess it happens. Poor little dude is on heavy DUTY antibiotics.

Unfortunately you will NOT see a picture of ME lounging on the couch. I have SO much to do to be ready for Thursday and the start of the Harford County Farm Fair. I've gotten a lot accomplished and a lot more to go. Unfortunately with the back issue's I'm having, some of it isn't going to get done. But so far, so good. What is done, I'm loving! AND 4 more canvases came in today...I'm SO MADLY IN LOVE WITH THEM! I want to marry these CANVASES! People, they are so worth the money! Gorgeous works of art for sure, I look at them and can't believe that I took that picture...kinda crazy! Please please please, come by the FARM fair and visit me. My booth is by the petting zoo and it starts on the 31st. Say Hi! Say Hey! Just COME

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