Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Set up

The fair doesn't start till tomorrow but we did a dry run set up tonight...well we tried but got rained out! So at the end we just threw some pics around and stuff so you loyal blog readers could get the idea. I'm right by the petting zoo which I'm so totally loving! After these pics were taken, my dad and Curt hung the looks FABULOUS if I do say so! I love this little booth! Tina and my sister helped so much today, I have more friends coming in the next few days too...(THANKS so much girls, I love ya! Stephanie, Georgiann,Tina, Lisa, Brandy and my mother in law, girls ROCK) My kids have been super helpful too. And a huge shout out to the Nelson family..I love you guys too!And of course my husband, Matt has helped a ton too! Every night I'll try to post some pics from the day...if I'm not too tired...they are going to be more than 12 hour days. ouch!

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Tracy said...

Beautiful! I think I am going to try and bring the girls out to the farm fair. If your booth is not too busy, I would like to come by and introduce myself. Of course it will be something like, "Hi, I am Tracy from Tracy's This and That!" How strange our world has become. Good luck at the fair and I hope you are better.

Kara May said...

Love the display - love the vintage accents.