Monday, July 7, 2008

sorry I'm a cornball


Okay, I think this is funny.... maybe no one else does! LOL

I wanted to give a Chester update: He's still his happy self although I definately see a marked size difference in his lymph nodes since we've gotten back from the beach. Before we left the ones in his shoulders and hocks were not palpable (although they DEFINATELY were before he started on the prednisone) and now I can easily feel them. He's slowing down now considerably. My father took great care of him while we were gone and if we had not promised the kids that little beach trip before he was diagnosed, I probably would not have gone. He's still happy and not in pain but I feel like his clock is ticking faster now. Can't really say much else about it.

This beautiful boxer butt is actually of my friend Tina's boxer, Lucy. Lucy is having surgery today to remove 2 tumors so please send little boxer health prayers for her if you have a moment. Lucy had a photo shoot at the beach with me while we were there...I'll share some of her more ELEGANT and regal model shots later tonight.
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