Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Miss R.


I love this little ladies name! Little Miss R was tooo cute. THOSE curls...kill me! She was just too pretty! Unfortunately just when she was warming up, the sky opened UP and poured BUCKETS ON US! Luckily I got lots of cute shots in before that!

Chester is laying here next to me and his feet are just flying...he must be dreaming of chasing bunnies and squirrels and other little furry critters that he'd have no intention of harming. It's just the chase he's always been in for! He's doing well. Monday marked the day that he was diagnosed 6 weeks ago. He was given about 4-6 weeks to live. Everyday now with my sweet brown boy is a blessing (as it always has been). Let me give you some background on Chester...maybe you too will see how truly SPECIAL this lanky brown furboy is. We were initially just going to foster him, we already had Cooper and the twins were 5, we were a busy young family. When my friend Stephanie and I went to pick him up (we met the people bringing him to us-NOT his owners, at IKEA of all places). He was S K I N N Y, like kate moss after the stomach flu skinny. He looked like a moth had eaten his coat in a million places because he had very bad Demodex mange and he was so scared. The poor thing was just 8 months old and obviously lived some very STRESSFUL months. We got him home and he was petrified of my husband. Like so petrified he could not be in the same room as him. Let me tell you, Matt is a NICE guy and there is no reason to be scared of him. A few days later, and Chester still couldn't be in the same room without cowering. I KNEW he had to stay with us, he needed stability and LoVE and I KNEW we could give it to him. Fast forward to now, he's a complete LOVE bug and thinks he belongs in everyones lap: man, woman and child! He's no longer afraid of his own shadow and has become a sweet and self confident handsome gentleman that will break our hearts when he leaves to join his friend Cooper at the Rainbow bridge in Heaven. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and love...Chester and our whole family feel them and I know they are keeping him feeling good as long as possible. xoxo from all of us.
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Lori said...

Awww...sweet Chester. 6 weeks post diagnosis and he is still a happy, handsome boy....Love his sweet mug dreamin' of chasing rabbits and squirrels.
May his days and weeks ahead be full of sweet doggie dreams.