Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cottage on Kenmore and the WINNER IS...

My sweet friend Tina opened a new chapter in the "ADVENTURES OF TINA!" this weekend. She moved into this completely CHARMING little cottage in the heart of our town. It's so lovely and fits her personality to a T (might as well intend that PUN). It's like a little Barbie dream house and her furnishings couldn't look better! With the help of friends and family and the mean tool skills of my handy husband Matt and her cousin Olliver, the house made a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION in just a few hours. If you'd like to see the before photos just let me know. This is only a glimpse of what was accomplished.

BTW, do you see that lovely oil painting of the gorgeous roses? Her wonderful mother in law PAINTED that. Here's some past posts about Donna that you may be interested in  THE YUMMIEST occassional sale EVER!   4th of July in STYLE   I'll have to ask her if I can share some photos of her beach house with's just GORGEOUS!

Enjoy this little peek into a delectable little morsel of a HOME and remember you can click the photo to make it larger!


...AND THE WINNER IS:  True Random Number Generator

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SPEAKING of RANDOM, the other day I typed in my blog address.  I went to this site that didn't seem quite right and I looked up at the address bar and I THOUGHT it looked right.  I got a tad freaked out thinking, "WHAT HAPPENED to my BLOG!"  I realized that my eyes just AINT WHAT THEY USED TO BE!  Here's the site if you want to see it.  Don't forget to look at the address and tell me if it's just ME or does it ALMOST look correct? the not really whimages, whimages blog


Twig said...

Hey there! I couldn't find your email, but I wanted to thank you for your prayers and your comment. You are just wonderful! It feels so nice to know that there are so many supporting people out there :) Anyway, I need to get back to work but THANK YOU. :) And I just love your blog ;)


My Cottage Charm said...

I went to that blog and it took me a minute to figure out why it wasn't your blog! lol boy that was subtle~! :)
I'm so excited that I won your giveaway!! :) I know you already know, but I'm doing a happy dance! :) hee hee hee
Love ya girlie!

Maria said...

Hi! I saw your comment on Michael Lee's facebook page and thought I'd stop by!
The cottage photos are soooo beautiful! The room is so serene and lovely.
It was nice visiting ~ Maria

Mc Allen said...

wow, these are sooo teriffic!! what a cute post, I love all the pics!! xoxo LA