Wednesday, August 13, 2008

girl power and all that!

This post is in lighter spirits....

One of the cool things I found at the farm fair was all the "girl power". A lot of the animals were shown by girls...I don't mean the bunnies and chicks and piglets and stuff, what I'm talking about were the big a** STEERS and the STRONG HOGS and sheep with bulging biceps! These girls kicked butt and it made me proud of them. I can be a mix of girly girl and dirty girl all in one but I'm the first to admit a bad day sends me running to the makeup counter for a new lipstick. Nothing brightens my day like a shiny new tube of it! So it was cool to see these girls out there, powerful and full of pride...and some had on lipgloss too!

As I mentioned, I was afraid that the farm fair would make me a vegetarian, and I have to say I am much more mindful of what I eat. I mean NO DISRESPECT to all the red-meat lovin, chicken lickin' eaters out there. I'm one of you, however, It definately put a new light on food for me. I don't think I'll be having nearly as many red meat meals in the future. This brings me to a Peytonism.

A few days after the farm fair, my mother-in-law took the kids to Wendy's and Cole was talking about what he was going to order. Peyton heard him and said, "Cole, I thought you were going to be a vegetarian!" He said, "well, I'm thinking about it!" Then Peyton exclaimed, "but you had candy today!"
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