Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meet the D family!

This was a fun session in my NEW favorite place. It has everything I love! Not only was the family nice and easy going but attractive too! You could see the love in their eyes...yeah so I'm corny like that, you know that by now. I have SO many good ones of them! THANKS guys for making my job awesome!

I shot a wedding today with a delightful and MOST helpful assistant I could ever ask for. Not only is she a total KICK-BUTT awesome hair stylist (especially for special events) but DANG she was like the best photog assistant EVER! BRANDY thank you so much! (if you didn't know, she's my favorite sister and I could not get through the day with out her. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. So come back tomorrow for the FUN, FUNKY and WHIMSICAL wedding images. YOU KNOW they'd be whimsical right? Some of them I won't even ever be able to share but GAWD were they fun to shoot! This couple was up for ANYTHING and their friends were CRAZY-FUN! We even got in trouble with the grounds keeper. I so do not look for trouble but in this job, for some reason it finds me! What do they say, "well behaved women rarely make history!"
So come back tomorrow for som kick butt wedding photos if I do say so myself! LOL :-)

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