Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is anyone else ready for school to start?

I love my kids. I love having them home with me, I love doing stuff with them, I JUST LOVE THEM. BUT...I don't know if it's that I'm stuck in the house and I feel mommy guilt that I can't do all the fun stuff that we normally try to pack into the last weeks of summer or if it's just me, or just them or whatever. BUT...a tiny, itty bitty part of me wants school to start. The routine, the normalcy the 8 hours of non-bickering. :-) I usually cry walking home from the bus stop the first day and feel in a funk that whole day. I know this year won't be much different but I'm sorta kinda ready for it! LOL This is an unrealted photo I know. I thought I'd post Callie because believe it or not she's the one giving me the most grief lately!
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