Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Warning: unrelated blog photos! :-)

I'm so far behind on photos....I'm sorry everyone! I got so much done in the past few days. My delightful husband, Matt will be mailing them out on Saturday. These are a few from recent sessions I thought I'd quickly share.

Chester is doing great. His neck looks like he swallowed a bag of large grapes but he's still chasing the vacuum, (he did that tonight when I was doing under the bird cages-although I'm not real sure that's on the list of things I should be doing so we'll keep them between us, okay?) he also randomly snapped at the moths that fluttered toward their demise of the light in our kitchen as I'd open the patio door. I've decide Levi McCoy has the bladder the size of a small lima bean and he ENJOYS going in and out 82 zillion times a day and night.

Speaking of Levi McCoy (okay, so he has two names now), he tried on several occasions to open the bathroom door by using his mouth on the handle today. Most boxer owners know that you CAN NOT go potty without having said boxer(s) in the potty room with you. I must try to remember this.

Tomorrow is the big day... let's get the ol' back fixed! See you soon!

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