Sunday, August 3, 2008

Something you should nose...I mean know

I finished up the farm fair today. To say I'm exhausted is probably an understatement. But it was soooooo much fun. Really, exhausting fun! I would have to say I learned a lot about farm animals, and all kinds of cool animal fact that I had no clue about. But I also learned of the incredible kindness of others (Thank you Steve and Debbie Nelson) and how helpful friends can be. I also COULD NOT have gotten through those four days with out the help of my son, Cole. Really, he got up early with me EVERY day didn't complain once about loading and unloading and all kinds of stuff I'd have him do. It was really cool, fun mom and son bonding time too. Again thank you all for your help...everyone from my family (sister, dad and in-laws) to friends!

I have lot's of awesome farm fair photos to share but it's going to be a bit. I needed more help than normal this past weekend because I'm having some major back issues that will require surgery this week. I have 4 sessions that I need to finish up by Wednesday and also get the discs for the 4 H done. If you email me and I don't return it quickly, please forgive me, it may be a week or two. Please accept my apologies for the delays in advance! :-)

Chester is still doing well, thank God. In fact, for a few days he seemed to be the healthiest dog in the house! Macy caught the bacterial infection from McCoy(the family is calling him Levi, but he's still my McCoy). But they are both on the mend now
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