Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meet Pudgy McSmoshface, ummm I mean little boy Blu

Yes, I know I'm posting a lot lately. Can you tell I'm homebound? LOL I'm going out tomorrow...I can't take it anymore. MUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Check out Blu here. Is he NOT the cutest little puppy face you've seen? Don't mind the snapshots...I know these aren't my best work...yadayadayada. Here's Blu's story. PLEASE check it out, it's heartwarming and awesome and just makes you go awwwww. and then go to available dogs. Blu here was Max and he was SO close to death from the horrible and hateful parvo virus. The rescue group I volunteer with does AWESOME good deeds and this is just one drop in the bucket of the amount of incredible things that they have done. The cost of saving these puppies is just ENORMOUS.

Luckily my friend Tina was able to adopt one so now not only do I have my own puppy goodness with Levi McCoy I get to enjoy Blu's earth-shattering cuteness on a regular basis. I have to get a puppy shoot in on this guy as soon as I can. My camera is NOT that heavy!

RUNNING WITH THE BIG DOGS! Macy looks on because she thinks that she might just be too lady-like to indulge in all the goofy puppy play but eventually the fun was overwhelming and she couldn't help herself. Look how skinny McCoy is....I gotta get some meat on that boys bones! McCoy/Levi and Blu are only 3 months difference in age...amazing!
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