Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Rainbow Bridge

Our sweet brown boy left us yesterday. I am thankful that he was able to leave peacefully and restfull in my lap. He will always be in our hearts but now joins many friends who wait patiently.

If you are not familiar with the rainbow Bridge concept, go here...

In the room where we go in our vet's office there is the story of an indian legend with the same concept. It always brings us comfort.

You can click on this to make it larger.
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Lori said...

Your sweet brown boy is now at play across the bridge....
What a beautiful collage of pictures to remember his time with you and your family. Great memories are healing.
Losing a family pet is difficult. May god bless you all and help dry your tears... :(

Lara Harris said...

Just found this post, I'm so sorry for your loss, even if it has been over a year now...these pups truly leave pawprints on our hearts don't they...he looked like he had such a great life with you guys & I do whole heartedly believe that all dogs go to Heaven...and maybe even a few cats :)