Sunday, August 17, 2008

Matilda jane all over again!


**** I'm crazy and originally had the wrong date!
I'm having another Matilda Jane Party. If you are not familiar with MJ, it's one of the hottest and I mean HOTTEST "boutique" clothing lines around. There is tons of buzz about Matilda Jane and it has the cooolest story behind it to. It's designed by a mom with no background in design and she has two little boys and writes the most delightful blog. The clothes go from 12 months to 10 years old (girls only) and then REALLY cool funky fun and COMFY but sexy mommy stuff too! PLUS the adult ex is perfect for tweens too! That's what Callie wears. I had a party in the spring but unfortunately it was at the end of the "season" for MJ so a lot was sold out. This time it's not even two weeks into the fall "season" for the new stuff! My party is Thur, Sept. 4 from 10-12. If you want an invite just pop me an email and ask and I'd LOVE to have you. I'm about an hour from Lancaster, 45 minutes from Baltimore and an hour from Philly. I make mean desserts too! Plus, my show will be virtual as well, so if you want to order something, I'll give you my trunk keepers number but you have to call her THE day of the party to qualify.

These clothes are SO dern cute and believe me, they occassionally stop traffic! Who doesn't want their little girl to look super sweet, unique and original but still have a traditional flair? Heck, most mommies want that too!

Everything is still hush hush about the new line but it will debut on the 23rd. However, if you do some sneaking around the websites you'll see glimpses of some of the fall stuff. and

This first pic is my neice Gracie in a sweet little halter. The next is Callie in an awesome hoodie that both of my girls got and their friends and some of my friends too! On the back in tone on tone it says "always unpredictable".

The last pics are of Peyton in a fashion shoot at the beach. Her halter is cool because she can also wear it as a skirt the back is elastic and you just tie the straps into a's so cute like that too! Her Halter is an art fair piece so it's more one of a kind. If you check ebay for Matilda Jane, it sells for way higher than you'll buy it at the trunk show for. Especially for the dress that are of limited quantities. Pretty cool return on an item you daughter wore and outgrew, huh? LOL

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