Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a party and I'll have CAKE if I want to...

MY MATILDA JANE PARTY!!!! You are all invited next Thur, my house 10-12 and there will be CAKE and DESSERTS and BRUNCH and THE MOST FABULOUS clothes for fall that your little girl (and some little guy stuff) and YOU could ever NEED. (sending subliminal messages here...YOU MUST COME TO GET CLOTHES THAT ARE FABULOUS). Okay CHICKAS if you GO to RIGHT NOW and click on 2008 collection you can see the fall stuff! It may not stay there so GO NOW. IT's a sneek and it won't be back till SATURDAY so go look now and see all the COOL FUN FUNKY AND FABULOUS stuff you'll want to buy. AND ask my other friends....I like to bake so you'll be FED well and I'll have tangerine mimosas and spicy bloody mary's and other yummies!

And for all you girlies that live out of state, you can join is in spirit AND still order from my party! Email me and I'll give you my trunkkeepers number!
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