Saturday, August 23, 2008

Matilda Jane Update!!!!

First of all let me tell you the actual PARTY DATE IS SEPTEMBER 4TH from 10-12!!!! I sorta made it sound like it wasn't. Yeah so I'm blonde (bottle) and Polish like that. The girls (grace and Peyton) have MJ clothes on in these pics...aren't they CUTE!

I found the BEST new place for photos. I'm so excited about it. When my husband and I drove up I actually got goosebumps. THANK YOU STEPHANIE for telling me about it! I love it and you!

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Tracy said...

You have a new place for photos and you just tease me but don't disclose where it is at?

How is your back doing?

Robyn said...

Tracy it's so ABSOLUTELY delightful, I will have a hard time sharing! Tell you what. You and you sister come to my Matilda Jane party, we'll all have a couple tangerine mimosa's and I'll probably divulge my secret! :-)