Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's not a costume!!!!

Robyn is doing well!!! I'll start off by telling you all this is her sister Brandy and Robyn asked me to do this. Her last words before hanging up, "Don't scare me." I'm a smart a** and no where near as sweet and reserved as Robyn. I tell it like it is...So a little on Robyn: She's home and recovering. Her surgery seems to have went well at just over two hours. Our Dad drove her home so I hope she was stitched extra tight.

For those who don't know of our father, he is a wonderful man who would give you the shirt off his back. It would be stained, smell of cigarettes and probably have a crazy saying on it, but if asked for, it would be yours. He also goes by Cashmere even though his name is nowhere close to that suave. Visual yet? So Robyn is hopped up on muscle relaxers and pain killers and gets a ride home with Cashmere. He cuts some people off, hits every bump in the road and makes some jerky stops and starts, but she is home! Sadly for me, she is not wearing a halo. I was thinking it would be awesome to crack jokes about. I asked her earlier this week what she thought she would get. (Like we were kids again, guessing our Christmas morning surprises) She said she hoped she would at least get a hard plastic neck brace. Interested, I asked why and she said"When ever I see people with the soft smushy one's, I wonder if they are just faking."

Robyn, I know you don't have too much time on your hands (I have seem her laundry room) but you answered that so fast, I know you had been thinking about that for some time. Disturbing

So...... It's not a costume, she isn't faking. Her throat was really just cut open, all it's inside goodies were moved to the side and her bones were morphed with the help of a few metal pieces into the bionic women. It's just a boring old smushy neck brace. Blahhhhh.

So heal quickly my wonderful, beautiful, multi talented sister. I am so proud of you and I want to be just like you when I grow up. (minus the surgeries, barking dogs, killer bird, laundry, and skin conditions) Never mind, I'm fine being me just looking up to you.

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Jocelyn said...

So glad to hear that Robyn is doing well! Sending speedy recovery wishes. The surgery sounds awful and I bet painful!