Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's think about this....

I know most things happen for a reason. Me asking for the test and postponing the surgery was such a GOOD thing, even though yesterday I had a hard time dealing with it.

The good thing for YOU is that if you were hoping for a Whimages shoot but just couldn't fit it in, now you have one more week! AWESOME for you and it will keep me busy and not thinking about the surgery! LOL So call me if you want quickly scheduled shoot between now and next Wednesday.

Since I had to go back to Towson again today to have my NEW surgical evaluation, I figured some retail therapy would be just about as good as physical therapy...and probably much better for my MENTAL health! I only stayed in the mall about an hour because I'm certainly not feeling totally up to par but it was FUN! AND I got several Christmas presents out of the way! PLUS there are definately some bargains to be had! I got Peyton the cutest green spectator ballet flats at Gap kids for 13.00. I also got Callie and Cole a couple goodies but since she's lurking over my shoulder reading this I'm keeping tight lipped! HA!

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