Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More brown eyed cuties! AND I am not having surgery on Thursday :-(

I've known Ashley (the momma) for several years now and her natural beauty just glows from within. I swear too, she's one of the funniest people I know beside my sister. This girl is always laughing and it's just contagious...you can totally see why she has Micheal smitten!

I don't normally say the kids names here and I won't today but these little girls are so CUTE and all have names that would be a scrapbookers nightmare! Let's just say they all have lot's of vowels.
Okay, enough about them, here's some about me! (LOL, I used to love that commercial where the guy would be talking about himself on a date and then say, "okay, enough about me. What do YOU think about me?" It was decided late this afternoon that my surgery on Thur. would be cancelled. :-( I'm having lumbar issues again and I had an MRI on that last night. After looking at them it was decided that they need more images. But most importantly, I apparently have a UTI. Now let me tell
you something about about this. This UTI has the type of bacteria that would have attacked my bones if I had the surgery. Appently having bacteria laden bones is a BAD BAD thing. LIKE REALLY BAD! I don't think I've EVER had a UTI before, EVER. WEIRD The funny thing is, I REQUESTED the test on my urine because I felt it had an odd odor for a couple months and I was urinating more frequently, however I thought maybe it was just one of the meds. Because we KNOW I'M ON SO MANY MEDS! (although my sister says I'm so much funnier on the medication so there IS a plus) GIRLS...ALWAYS go with your heart! I have to admit I'm really disappointed about. VERY disappointed because I just want to get rid of my neck pain. I want to feel normal (if I am ever really normal). BUT the surgery will take place and hopefully next week. GO ME!

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