Saturday, October 11, 2008

Me and my MIDGEES!

It's the BEST time of the year everyone!


Callie totally MADE my month when she came home today after going to Target with a friend and surprised me with this DELIGHTFUL and DELICIOUS and so DELECTABLY GOOOOOD for you bag of vanilla midgees. MY ABSOLUTE favorite. Followed very slightly behind by the large fresh RED SWEDISH FISH and my ever-popular LEMON-HEADS! YUMMY! Are you seeing a chewy theme here people? If you want to be my friend, by me a bag of any of those and a chilled bottle of Reisling and we are BFF's!

Okay...lots of shoots to catch up on now that I have this sugar rush flowing!
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Tracy said...

I LOVE lemon heads. I have to resist getting them. I end up eating the entire bag and then my tongue is SUPER sore for the next week. LOVE HALLOWEEN!