Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Busy lady here! I've been working my buns off (now if that REALLY happened, I'd be tickled to death because I have plenty of bun to work off but that's another blog post)post processing and shooting. So if you are WAITING past's happening, I promise. Here are some cuties from the past couple days...I have more but I keep forgetting to ask permission to post!

These little girls (the farm like pics) are so LUCKY to grow up in this kind of environment. Wonderful loving parents that were fun and cool and grandparents on a real farm
across the street! I could have shot there all day! Lots of
cool spots to awesome barn (make this pic of sweet Ms. A big by clicking on it and you can see the light from the barn door and me in her eyes...I LOVE when that happens) cool chipped paint doors, and fences, a LOVELY pond, I could go on and on and you know I do by my notoriously long run on sentences.
These little dudes are just the BEST! REALLY. I've known them since they were little and their momma and dad are a couple of the best friends we have.

ALTHOUGH, their Mom called me last night to tell me she hates me because I got her involved in the Twilight series of books. If you haven't started them, you may want to consider not even glancing at them. Unless, your laundry is completely caught up, you have frozen casseroles in the freezer and maybe a maid, I would suggest NOT purchasing them. Truly, don't even give them a second glance unless you have nothing better to do then twiddle your thumbs and get pedicures and stuff because they will SUCK you in with some weird power. It's
sorta scary the power they hold over your life. I'M NOT KIDDING.
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