Sunday, October 19, 2008

Make a wish little man!

You may recognize BatMan here from my site. He's been my little model for several years! I started watching him a couple days a week when he was like 3 months old. Now he's turning 4! Jeeez time flies! He's just the cutest thing and always has been such a little LOVEBUG! Over the years we've become great friend with his parents Curt and Tina. Tina and I are unorganized ditzy brained (although she's not nearly as ditzy as I am...more on that in a minute) friends who can shop an antique store till it's bare in a few moments flat!

I had to throw in this photo of Peyton on the steps. She was decked out in all of Matilda Jane glory ( and looked cute as a button with her little riding boots. But then she put her old Old Navy hoodie on over her head as we were waiting to leave. She totally looked like a little Polish peasant girl!

About my total ditziness. I've told you before I have WAAAAAY more
than my share of blonde moments even though I'm not blonde. (except for the highlights my wonderful sister puts in). So we were sitting by the bonfire last night at Hayden's party and remember I am on some pretty strong pain meds and a strong muscle relaxer AND I did have a glass of Pinot
Grigio...okay so we were sitting around the bonfire discussing dog quarantines in certain countries and someone said that in France the quarantine is 90 days. AND I exclaimed, "WELL, IN ENGLAND IT'S 3 MONTHS!" ...I'm never living this down.
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