Monday, October 13, 2008

Super Sunday!

FIRST and foremost...I'm almost done with post-processing the September shoots. Thanks for your patience everyone!

This weekend was crazy busy for both Matt and I. I had shoots on Saturday and all day Sunday. FUN shoots with GREAT family and 3 out of 5 were repeat clients! I LOVE that. I LOVE them...I have the best subjects! More blog posts to come on those families!

Matt worked with Curt in the backyard on Saturday,drove 3 hours to Solomans Island to play drums till 2 in the a.m. drove 3 hours back and then slept a bit and worked in the yard all day again on the Pergola! I can't wait for it to be's gonna be purty!

Ohhhh, look at this fat bumble get the last of the years pollen. He was at the house I was shooting at this weekedn being a busy bee! At one point, I got too close and he raised one little leg at me as if to say, "Back off woman!"

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