Monday, October 27, 2008

Wyatt needs your help!

Meet Mr. Wyatt and his Vet mommy Jacqui. Wyatt donates his blood to save other dogs in need. Did you know there are 13 different blood types in dogs and they are NOT breed specific, for an example a Great Dane may be the same type as your Chihuahua! Remember my friend Tina's boxer Blu? His litter had parvo and was dying. Without a blood transfusion from a wonderful dog like Wyatt, it's doubtful they would have made it.
Dr. Jacqui is a very veterinarian, often taking her own time and money to help rescue doggies in need. She even recently spent her days off transporting a dog for It's one of the two puppies with the broken legs.
Well anyway, Wyatt was chosen by Milkbone as one of the 100 finalists for there nations SPOKESDOG contest but Wyatt needs your vote to win. This would be a perfect fit for Wyatt and Jacqui because they could spread the word about canine blood donation and RESCUE. OHHHHH I forgot to tell you, Mr. Wyatt is a rescue pup too! See how special he is? Please vote for him. It just takes a moment to register and then you can vote everyday! Here's the link

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