Monday, October 27, 2008

The really crazy adventures of Levi McCoy!

I could make a daily blog out of the adventures of Levi McCoy, that's how much trouble he gets into on a daily basis. I'm. Not. Kidding. Let me give you a run down of just SOME of the last weeks mischief. I'm going to use bullets so be prepared:

* Carried Peytons YooHoo box through the house and upstairs so that it now looks like someone had a raging case of the runs in my upper foyer carpet. Nice. (I was at the bus stop)
* Took the roll of foil off the counter (that I borrowed from the neighbor) while I was in the potty. He shredded it in the upper foyer.
* Chewed up a wooden ghost magnet that Miss P patiently painted
* Stolen numerous shoes from under our desk and deposits them outside.
* He and his accomplice Macy got out of the gate and were sprayed by some animal's ANAL glands and came home smelling like a waste water treatment plant.
* While we were out of the room, he opened Cole's LARGE fountain soda in a styrofoam cup and drank the entire thing.
* Drank Peytons milk out of the cup when I was at the busstop this morning.
* Also while at the bus stop took the big kids box of frosted mini wheats and ate them all and shredded the box in THE UPPER FOYER. (seeing a pattern here, friends)
* Walked across my coffee table and the back of the sofa (I think he might think he's a chihuahua or a cat)
* Learned to open the patio door and let himself in.

I know this is the tip of the iceberg. I've probably tried to shut out some of the other things he's done.
He's like a 2 year old little boy who had a 7 Eleven big GULP of mountain dew.

Thank God he's cute!

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Jocelyn said...

You had me laughing on that one! How sweet. My neighbors Boxer just had puppies and I begged Joe to go down and see them. What is their life span? A friend told me they don't live long. These pups are so stinking cute and we have a huge yard, but I don't know what Miss Cosmo the kitty would think! I really do want to do the shoot, we will wait till you are feeling better. I just love your photos!